I have been married to my husband for almost a decade. Flirting with him ceased probably about 11 years ago. Once you get the ring, flirting becomes unnecessary, am I right ladies?

Wrong. Ten years fly by, and suddenly you find that the only topics of conversation on rare date nights are kindergarten homework assignments and adventures in potty training. How did that happen? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were shooting darts and closing out the bars?

As card-carrying members of the YMCA, our family is entitled to Parents’ Night Out. One night a month, we have free baby-sitters for 3 hours. And tonight is our night. No kids, just husband and wife. And tonight I am banning any and all talk of the children.  Come 6:30 PM, let the flirtation begin!

I am sad to admit that my flirting skills have been buried deep within piles of 2 kids’ worth of diapers, years of dirty laundry, and a decade of marriage. I can’t even proclaim to have made any attempts at flirting, simply because every time the thought crossed my mind to toss my hair and giggle, I just felt silly. But at least I was able to curtail my instinct to talk about the kids. I had to stop myself mid-sentence a few times, but I was ultimately successful in that goal.

Despite the lack of flirting, it was a great date night. We discovered a Japanese restaurant that transported us halfway across the world the instant we opened the doors. The sound of Japanese being spoken was like sweet music to my ears. The nostalgic atmosphere, the outstanding sushi, and the grown-up conversation were all I needed to wipe away the dust I’d been breathing in all day from my floors being sanded and the sound of cranky kids who were cooped up on a rainy day for too long.

Like I said, my floors were sanded today.  And unfortunately, because it’s Friday, this is what my family room will look like throughout the weekend until the crew returns on Monday to stain.  Thank goodness for bean bag chairs! 

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