My husband and I love putting the kids to bed and watching a good movie. For 10 years, he has been trying to convince me to watch the movie “Das Boot.” And for 10 years, I have declined. I think I’ve attempted to watch it twice, but it’s about a half a day long, complete with subtitles, and I’ve never kept my eyes open past the first 10 minutes.

I have an eclectic taste in movies.  I love cheesy romantic comedies, thought-provoking independent films, fast-paced suspense thrillers, mindless stupid funny movies, and cerebral dramas that end with the audience sighing WOW.  I do like a few military movies that hubby can recite verbatim, like “Saving Private Ryan” and “A Few Good Men.” But there’s an endless list of military movies that my husband just can’t get me to sit through. One of them is “Das Boot.”

Tonight, after the kids are put to bed, I will finally capitulate and watch “Das Boot.” Pass me a bowl of popcorn and my reading glasses, and I’m ready to go.  Now if I can just convince hubby to capitulate in return and watch “Mamma Mia!”

Mission accomplished!  I watched all 3 and a half hours of “Das Boot” in one sitting.  It was actually pretty good, and I didn’t mind the subtitles at all.  I can definitely see why my husband loves this movie.  The greatest part of this challenge was that not only was I sharing several hours with my husband, but I was also sitting through an interesting history lesson with hubby’s footnotes of his own military knowledge.  I certainly never thought I’d cheer for the Germans in a World War II movie!

I don’t think I’ll be watching it again anytime soon, but I’m glad I can say I’ve seen it.  My next military must-see movie: “Patton.”  But first I’ll be breaking out our dancing shoes for some quality Meryl Streep and Abba classics.

Big C’s 2 favorite toys: Legos and Gormitis.  Don’t ask me what Gormitis are, I don’t quite know besides the fact that they are divided into a bunch of different tribes and they all have a quantifiable power.  Big C knows all the names, tribes, and powers.  All I know is that I find these miniature annoyances ALL OVER my house.  Hubby made this Lego fort today, bless his heart, despite the fact that Big C lost interest in the project about 15 minutes in.  (Sometimes I don’t know who has more fun with the toys, my son or his father!)  Anyway, let’s hope those Gormitis stay in this house for awhile so they’re not strewn all over mine.

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