Yes, it is January 28.  Yes, our Christmas lights are still hanging in our front yard.  Yes, my husband was supposed to take them down before he left.  Yes, the lights look tacky.  So yes, today I will unwind them from the trees, neatly stash them in their designated Christmas tub, and when my husband calls, I will proudly inform him that the Honey Do List that awaits his return is just a little bit lighter.

The lights are down, however, I was unable to get them into their tubs.  I have a good excuse though.  My garage is currently housing my couches and the floor crew’s large buffing equipment, so I was unable to get up into my attic.  That part will have to wait for another day.  But at least I took care of the tackiness!

You may be wondering why this was such a challenge, especially when I promised not to turn something on my To Do list into a daily challenge.  Oh if you only knew the symbolism of my actions today! 

Have you ever seen that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond with the cheese in the suitcase?  You see, Ray came home from a business trip and left his suitcase on the stairs, assuming Debra would unpack it.  Well Debra was sick and tired of Ray thinking his wife was his housekeeper, so she ignored the suitcase, waiting for Ray to unpack it himself.  The suitcase sat there and sat there because neither husband nor wife was willing to give in.  Finally, Ray stuck a block of cheese in the suitcase, figuring Debra would unpack it when the smell became offensive enough. 

Although my husband and I have never resorted to spoiled cheese, we have definitely had similar tests of stubbornness (and yes, many of those tests involved suitcases).  One of those tests seems to be those Christmas lights.  When he put them up in December, I warned him that he was going to be the one to take them down.  But one week led into the next with bad weather, busy weekend plans, and the fact that darkness always beats him home from work. 

Now my husband isn’t home.  And I decided to take down the Christmas lights.  Essentially, I gave in and lost this stubbornness test.  I unpacked that suitcase with the putrid cheese.  But think about it…when hubby returns next week, would I prefer he take down those Christmas lights or spend that time hugging his children and cuddling with me on the couch?  Hmmm.

But I swear, next year he’s doing it!

All 3 of us are coughing, and 2 of us saw doctors today.  We have a pharmacy of drugs, but the only thing that seems to help us through the night is our trusty humidifier.  Now can anyone tell me how to divide it between 3 rooms?

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