I am one of the 12 people in this world who doesn’t drink coffee. My pick-me-up is Diet Pepsi. One in the morning, one in the afternoon. It’s not exactly a healthy habit, but it’s a habit nonetheless.

Starting in college I became a Diet Coke-head. I quit the coke during both pregnancies, and I swore I wouldn’t fall off the wagon once the babies were born. B with Big C, I was practically chugging a Diet Coke the second I tossed my nursing bra. With Little C, I showed a bit more restraint. I was actually thrilled when Diet Coke tasted awful to me. But one day I had a sip of Diet Pepsi. Darn. It tasted so good.

Today I’m going to see if the world stops turning if I don’t drink Diet Pepsi. If I get desperate enough, I maybe just try coffee.

I failed my mission today. I broke down and gave in. I drank three fourths of a Diet Pepsi. I’m sorry, but between my upper respiratory infection and my sinus issues, I just couldn’t add a caffeine-withdrawal headache to the mix. And oh, did that three fourths of a Diet Pepsi taste GOOD.

I shouldn’t consider today a complete failure. After all, even when I was pregnant I didn’t dare quit the cola cold turkey. At least I was successful in cutting down my Diet Pepsi consumption by over 50%. That accounts for something right?

I love the library.  I think it’s the one place in which my children don’t argue.  They pick out their own books.  They sit at a table and quietly “read.”  And I get to drool over all the books I wish I had the time to read.  If only the librarians gave neck massages, and there was a wine bar at the check-out counter.  Now that would be heaven.

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