The other day, the C’s and I made a  time capsule that hopefully we can wait 10 years to open. But after I sealed it, I realized that everything in the time capsule revolved around them. I’m not saying I should have included trinkets belonging to me or my husband (because I honestly have no idea what I could come up with in that department), but I feel like I should have stuck something in there to remind us what our lives were like in the year 2010.

So today I composed a letter to my Future Self. I felt a little schizophrenic writing as if Future Self were a separate person, but if I think back to my Past Self 10 years ago, I hardly recognize her.  So there’s a distinct possibility that Future Self will be a different person.

Mostly I was overcome by curiosity thinking of that Future Self 10 years from now. Will she have wrinkles and gray hairs sprouting? Will she still be living in this house? Will her babies still want to hug her and share their favorite parts of their days? Will her husband still be in the military?

The 2-page letter was basically a description of our lives in 2010 for Future Self to use as a comparison. Typed it up, printed it out, and stuck it in that last inch of space in the time capsule (good thing I didn’t bury it in the backyard).  I wonder what Future Self will think of Present Self. I’ll be sure to let you know 10 years from now.

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