I have to begin with a disclaimer. Today’s challenge isn’t much of a challenge. In fact, it’s going to be just about the most unchallenging challenge I can think of. But I feel justified in considering this my daily new “thing” because it’s something different, something I’ve never done before. Ok, well I’ve done it before, but not since moving back to the states. (Does that still count?)

My husband and I are going on a mini stay-cation. We’re not going to DisneyWorld. We’re not visiting local attractions. We’re not crossing state lines. But we are leaving the house. And not coming back. Until tomorrow.

Thanks to my in-laws who are in town for Big C’s birthday festivities tomorrow, we have free, overnight baby-sitters. So after seeing a movie that isn’t rated G, eating at a restaurant that doesn’t have a kids’ menu, maybe a couple of drinks in a dimly lit bar that doesn’t include the words “sports” or “cover charge,” we will adjourn to the fancy hotel room we booked for the night.

The last time my husband and I spent the night out while someone else watched our children was when we lived in Japan. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you probably know about their infamous “love hotels.”   You see, Japanese houses are typically not large.  But they seem even smaller because they typically shelter multi-generational families. Given that combination (and the fact that the walls are pretty thin), couples find that they desperately need some time alone. Thus the genesis of the love hotel.  When my husband and I heard about the love hotels, we decided to see what all the fuss was about. For purely investigatory purposes, you see. Just to learn more about Japanese culture.

Unlike the love hotels in Japan, I’m sure the hotel we’re staying at tonight doesn’t have individual stalls for parking in privacy. Or a separate entrance and exit so you don’t run into anyone you know. Or a board in the lobby displaying pictures of the beds in each room and a button to push when you choose the bed, I mean, room that you want. Or one of those suction tube things they have at bank drive-thrus (what are those called anyway?) in the room for the exchange of money. And I’m quite sure this hotel doesn’t have an option to either “Rest” (3 hour maximum) or “Stay” (for overnighters), a vending machine with adult toys, or a karaoke machine. (See all the valuable knowledge I gained from my cultural research?)

But it will be quiet. Our names will not be Mommy and Daddy. We will not wake up in the middle of the night to help someone use the potty. And we can sleep in. Who needs DisneyWorld?


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