A couple of weeks ago, if you had asked me what a meme was, I would have looked at you with a blank stare of confusion and embarrassment for having not a clue as to what you were asking me. Now, I not only know what a meme is, I have started one myself.

(By the way, if you’re looking at your computer screen with that same blank stare I had a couple weeks ago, a meme is a question posed by a blogger that you answer on your own blog, then return to the original blog to link up and share your post with the other participants.)

I’ve been participating in other bloggers’ memes without knowing that I was meme’ing (ok, now I’m just making words up). Sometimes I join in for pure amusement, but sometimes the memes help to awaken my dormant creativity. Good memes are like writing prompts, offering something, anything to write about when your imagination is all tapped out.

The other day, a day that was particularly popular for memes, I noticed that entire posts were devoted to answering other people’s questions. So I started to wonder if a person could sustain a catchy, unique, and memorable blog by the sole means of meme participation. After all, the memes floating around in the blogosphere are limitless in quantity and variety.

So my challenge this week is to join in on as many memes as possible to (a) determine if it’s feasible to maintain a blog by riding on the coattails of other people’s ideas and (b) to see if I can stumble upon memes to refer back to when I need inspiration during creative droughts.

Do you participate in memes? If so, do you have any favorites?

Do you have your own meme that you’d like to shamelessly plug by asking me to join? (Don’t worry, I’m about to shamelessly plug my own meme…)

Don’t forget to join in on my Top 10 Tuesday! You can scroll to the top of my blog to see this week’s theme!

3 Comments on Operation: Ultimate Meme Participation

  1. I was the same way – didn't know what a meme was & all the while, participating in them weekly 😛

    Some of my faves are Five Question Friday @ My Little Life, Getting to Know You Sundays @ MannLand 5, Fill in the Blank Friday @ the little things we do, Truthful Tuesdays @ Confessions from a Working Mom (she doesn't do this one regularly anymore but it pops up from time to time) & Wordless Wednesday…not sure who started it but you just post a picture you love with a quick caption.

    I don't know how to link you to them all in a comment but if ya want, you can find all their links at my page. Another thing you can do is check out Our Mommyhood (their button is also on my sidebar). They have a tab on the page with a running list of all the meme's going on every day to pick & choose from.

    Happy Meme'ing 😛 *Might not be a real word but I like it*

  2. I do memes most days of the week, come to think of it 🙂 The one I started was Words of Wisdom Wednesday (well, I didn't start it originally, but I don't know anyone else who has one going). Plus I do the Movie Mondays, TV Tuesdays, and Random Fridays. I find it helps me keep up with posting and stuff.

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