I love movies.  As I wrote in a post several months ago, I have an eclectic taste in film. I love cheesy romantic comedies, thought-provoking independent films, fast-paced suspense thrillers, mindless stupid funny movies, and cerebral dramas that end with the audience sighing WOW.

And I try to keep an open mind when it comes to military movies.  Some I watch because my husband enjoys them (and it’s his turn to pick the movie).  Some I’ve seen so many times I can practically recite the scripts verbatum, like A Few Good Men (“You can’t handle the truth!”) and Top Gun (hello, beach volleyball scene!).  

But there are some movies I feel it best to avoid while my husband is deployed, whether they are gory military dramas or simply the most depressing movies ever made.  Here are my…


1)  Saving Private Ryan

2) The Time Traveler’s Wife

3) Das Boot

4) P.S. I Love You

5) Black Hawk Down

6) Titanic

7) Pearl Harbor

8) Legends of the Fall

9) The Hurt Locker

10) Dear John, Nights in Rodanthe, The Notebook (pretty much any Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker)

What movie tops your list?

(As a side note, if you know of any movies that can put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces, let me know.  I could use some smiles right about now.)

20 Comments on Top 10 Movies NOT to Watch While Your Husband is Deployed

  1. You are right….these are important things to know. When my niece's husband was deployed, I finally told her to just stop reading the paper!

    It was pretty bad!

  2. Its not at all for the military reasons but I recommend staying away from Lars and the Real Girl. Its a really moving story but the guy (Lars) is mega screwed up because his mom died giving birth to him. G.I. Joe and I love to watch it together but its a bit much for me to watch on my own. There a bit of funny moments in it but the overlying theme is sad.

    I love any stupid movies. Step Brothers always puts a smile on my face, so does Funny People, Super Bad, Big Daddy…but I don't mind really crude humor like that 😉

  3. Oh gosh, I bawled all the way through Time Travelers Wife. All three times I watched it. For me, it's cathartic. I kind of NEED those movies to give me a release. But any war movie is strictly verboten. Can't do it at all.

  4. Don't watch The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher (because you will cry) Husband and I watched it for the first time last night!
    Happy movies? 13 going on 30! (Old, I know…)

  5. Well, I don't have a husband who gets deployed, but since I had children I stay away from anything that isn't either an over the top thriller, or a comedy (but not romantic comedies, though my husband likes those:)). I can't take reality in my entertainment!

  6. A good list of moves to avoid when your husband is on deployment for sure. I don't often watch comedies (my husband says it's because I have a strange sense of humor) but one I watched recently that really did make me laugh was The Hangover. If you allow yourself to just get into it then it really is a funny movie. If you have never seen it then Julie and Julia is also billed as a comedy and definitely has some funny moments as well as being a great movie.

  7. I agree with Mrs. G.I. Joe, crude comedies are the best kind. 🙂 Also, Pineapple Express and the Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down. 🙂

  8. Definitely The Family Stone. That's such a good movie. Although, it may want to make you run to your mom and cry on her shoulder…But then there's Just Friends, Parenthood, Stand By Me, The Goonies, Adventures in Babysitting. Those are some good ones to watch.

  9. Ok maybe I'm showing my age here, but for a good laugh..John Hughes 80's movies are the best! 16 Candles and Ferris Bueller make me laugh so hard. I too stay away from tearjerkers right now.

  10. Robyn, what about The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink? LOL Good ones to watch ANY time.

    One that I would stay away from during deployment is The Good Shepherd, with Matt Damon. It's a well told story, but made me feel crappy when I saw it WITH my husband. There is no way I could sit through it alone, missing him.

  11. I would add "P.S. I Love You" to my list of movies to NEVER watch–I was crying for that entire movie! I don't like unnecessary sadness (or violence, or scariness!). My favorite movie of all time is Clueless, and it's definitely a feel-good movie.

  12. Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks) and Miss Congeniality. Love 'em both! When my hubby's deployed I stock up on the chic-flick girl-kicks-butt type movies :).

  13. Funny? Watch Major Payne. Hilarious!!!!

    Sadly I'm going to be watching The Notebook soon, but with good cause. When my husband & I were first dating, he found out I'd never seen it. Me, the mega chick flicking loving gal, had never seen The Notebook. He however, being a good man who loves chick flicks as much as action packed movies, happened to own it.

    So on our first anniversary this year, we'll be Skyping each other and having a virtual date, enjoying The Notebook together, in celebration of the first movie he ever introduced me to.

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