Welcome to the MilSpouse Blog Hop!
It’s easy to join in on the fun:

* Post a brief bio on your blog introducing yourself.  (My bio follows the Linky.)

* If you want to help spread the word, link back to me in your post.  I have a button on my sidebar, but a simple link is fine. 

* Add your blog name and URL to the Linky below.  It’s best to put a link to your post, not your home page.

* Follow any or all of the blogs on the list.

* For those you choose to follow, leave a comment letting them know you found them on the MilSpouse Blog Hop.  Include your blog link in the comment to make it easier for them to return the visit.

* According to blogging etiquette, you should follow everyone who follows you. But this doesn’t always happen. So please try not to harbor any ill feelings if you follow someone and they don’t follow you back.

* The Linky list will be up until next Thursday night so if you don’t get around to everyone today, no worries.  Keep hopping throughout the next week!  (I’m new to Linky Tools, but I’ve heard that you can only add to the list today.  So get your link up today even if you don’t have time to visit others.)

Happy hopping everyone!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Wife on the Roller Coaster.  I’m a 30-something military spouse and mom, and I recently started dabbling in the world of freelance writing.  I have 2 children: Big C is my responsible 6-year-old son and Little C is my rambunctious 2-year-old daughter.  We are currently keeping the home fires burning while my husband is deployed, doing the best we can with all the challenges the deployment throws at us. 

I’m a techno-phobe who doesn’t own an iPhone or a laptop, but I recently crossed over to the dark side and joined Twitter (@WifeontheRC).  Feel free to friend me on Facebook (I’m Roller Coaster) or become a FB fan of Riding the Roller Coaster.  If you’re on Twitter or have a Facebook fan page, please leave me a comment letting me know!

Can’t wait to meet new mil spouses!

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  1. Thank you for hosting this! I look forward to meeting some wonderful new people!

    ps – You can sign back into Linky Tools to change links (some people aren't sure how to link to their post vs blog homepage) and edit the length of time the linky is open. Lemme know if you have any questions! (@Household6Diva on twitter)

  2. Thank you for putting this together! I've been following you for awhile now, but recently added you to Twitter too, I believe (@tickledbymuses).

    Anyway, just wanted to say "hello"! Hope you have a great weekend! Well, as great as it can be with the hubby away. I'm right there with ya. πŸ™‚

  3. I just added my link! I am so excited to meet new people through this outlet.

    The only problem is that my blog is invite only, for privacy reasons. Therefore for anyone who wants to read, which I whole-heartedly welcome, you must email me a request an invitation.

    I will blog about this in the next day or two. Thanks for putting this together.

  4. Thanks for being our hostess! I'm looking forward to a leisurely day of reading and getting to know some new folks.

  5. I can't believe its taken me this long to find your blog! I love it πŸ™‚ I definitely am following you now and linked up your button. Can't wait to read more from you!

    (Feel free to stop by my blog. I'm having a Q&A and Giveaway)

    β™₯ Mrs. S.

  6. hello! thanks for this idea. I just did this as well. I'd love to meet other military wives, I enjoy reading about everyone's adventures.

  7. Thanks so much for hosting this bloghop! GREAT IDEA.
    I accidentally pasted the wrong url into the linky, so even though the link on my blog says 'deployment again' it really links to my 'does this baby make me look fat?' blog
    Anyway, I posted my bio on both, with links between the pregnancy blog and the deployment blog, hopefully that will help.

  8. Hello ladies – one of my followers informed me that the privacy on my blog kept her from visiting regularly and knowing when I updated. Therefore, I opened my permissions up and became public. That said, I would love to meet all of you through this blog roll – my blog was added above at: headinthegameheartinthesand.blogspot.com – or email me at: melcandersen@gmail.com!

  9. Hi ladies! I found this via Julie the Army Wife's blog. I linked up and also have a twitter. (@FCWifey05) As well as a photography facebook page if you want to become a fan. Just look up Anchored Hearts Photos on facebook and you'll find me.

  10. what a great idea! i always love finding new milspouse blogs… now i just have to find the time to read them : ) if only my kids would cooperate with my blogging habit.

  11. I just wanted to say thank you so so much for hosting this blog hop, without it i wouldn't have met so many aweseome milspouse bloggers!

  12. "Thanks for linking up on the blog hop! Looks like you're meeting some great people. I'm already a follower…just wanted to say hi. Happy hopping!"

    No problem, glad you thought of it! I had fun!

  13. Wow, thanks for doing this! I am always looking for new military spouse bloggers. I am following you now and can't wait to read more!

  14. thank you for hosting this, i am new to blogging and found your blog and the hop through another blog that i follow. i've already met some other milspouses thanks to your blog hop.thank you! i look forward to reading your as i am now following your blog. have a lovely weekend.

  15. Thank you for hosting this!! This is my first-ever blog hop and I'm so excited to meet other military wives!! I am following you now too, btw!


  16. Just found your blog, and I am so glad that I did! The Blog Hop sounds like a blast and a fabulous way to meet other ladies (or gentleman) that share something in common! I love 'meeting' new people! Off to hop now πŸ˜‰

  17. I came across your site when I was searching for other military spouse blogs out there. I am so glad I found yours and that you have posted this. I hope being new to blogging that I can meet other spouses to share stories with.

  18. This is so awesome!! I'm sorry I didn't participate. We actually went out of town this weekend to spend time with some family friends (another military family actually, the husband of whom is about to be deployed for a year and the wife about to start her medical residency and they have a 6 week old newborn and a darling 4 year old). Anyway, I was gone, but I'm so happy you started this and I think it is awesome. My husband is no longer in the military, but I relate to all the challenges and this it is so important that you are doing this!! Congrats on such a big success and super participation!!!

  19. Hey! Found you on the bloghop courtesy of The Undomestic Army wife!! Can't wait to start reading about your crazy life as a military wife.

  20. Aw I missed out on the blog hop! I've been a little out of touch this past week or I'd have been all over this! lol

    I discovered it through Hellcat Betty! I'm a fairly new milspouse (almost a year in!) and so far I'm loving it– particularly meeting all the other milspouses in the blogging world!

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