My birthday is this week.  Since right now I consider myself 30-something years old, I guess I’ll be turning 30-something plus 1.  I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m no spring chicken either.

My husband won’t be here to celebrate with me, and my kids are too young plan any surprises.  My birthday will pass by largely unnoticed, and that’s fine by me.  I’m not a big cake person, and I already know what my present will be because I picked it out. 

In lieu of a birthday celebration, I thought I’d dedicate my blog posts this week to my ambivalence toward the aging process.  Feel free to join in.

How do you feel about birthdays?  Do you embrace your age or wonder where the time went?

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    and well, im pretty ambivalent about my birthday. Ive never had great birthday parties or anything growing up (i hope to change that when i have kids by giving THEM memorable parties) and as long as my hubby even REMEMBERS that it's my birthday, I'm good to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I always scoffed at women who would 'lie' about their age – I mean, really, who do they think they're FOOLING?
    But awhile back, I celebrated a birthday without hubby. It was my 30th, and I couldn't bear the thought of just letting it pass by unnoticed, so I threw MYSELF a birthday party. It was probably my best birthday ever (aside from missing hubby) so ever since then, every birthday, I turn 30 again.
    I'm not really LYING about my age (which is actually 36, as of 2 weeks ago) but I just want to hang onto that feeling I had at 30, of being strong and accomplished, and on the cusp of amazing things. Like I still had a FUTURE to look forward to.
    So, yeah, I will continue to turn 30 every year!
    And I DO color my hair out of sheer denial…I can NOT accept the gray hairs that have plagued me since the first deployment.

  3. Happy birthday! I haven't really commented on here, but I love your posts!

    After about age 13, birthdays kind of got boring to me. I stopped having parties and while I still enjoy gifts, a card or two and maybe cake, I realize it's just another day for many people, so I try to be humble instead of being all "look at me, it's MY day!"

    Sometimes I wonder where the time went, because my childhood doesn't feel that far away, but being a 20-something now I am still very excited about the future and what changes each birthday year brings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday week! I'm 23, and these past four years since high school have flown by. With two kids, gravity has taught me a huge lesson! I embrace my aging. My husband is a year younger, so I feel like a cougar! ha ha!

  5. awww, birthdays–just once i would like the hubby to surprise me, but consistency is his M.O. and i have come to appreciate that. a handbag, a nice dinner and a card if i am lucky. there is a dignity to ushering in another year of life without much celebration or hoopla. you are accomplished-quietly-respectfully. never underestimate that power of doing something on your own. my 30's have been all about accepting what i cannot change with dignity and grace, loving the life i have been given and blooming where i have been planted. i eat a cupcake and drink a glass of wine and have a very happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday week!!!!

    Aging….seriously…I mentally think that I'm still young looking, but then when I look in the mirror, I see wrickles all over my face. I realized that I'm going to be an old lady that has a wrinkly face…I'm not going to look "age-less", like some people are blessed with. I've been pulling out a TON of gray hairs. BLECK!!!!!

    As long as I act and feel young, doesn't that make me young?

  7. so last year was probably the worse. DH was home but busy. I actually took my birthday off facebook so no one would know. DH did not have time to pick up a cake and then was annoyed i had not. what a day. This year will be better. let me encourage you to pick up dinner or order dinner and then put the kids to bed early and do something fun.

  8. thanks! my 3 years in Italy were AMAZING! What do you miss most about Japan? We almost moved there instead of Florida, thank God we didn't though, because then I would never have met my husband!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you have a great week too!

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!! I'm a low key birthday person myself, just never have been into celebrating, and as a kid we mostly just had small family celebrations. I'm definitely ambivalent about the aging thing, though… it's just so true about how what's on the outside doesn't match how you feel on the inside!

  10. Happy Birthday week to you! I feel birthdays meant more when I was younger. Now it's more about just being with the people I love. I don't need gifts or cake or special dinners. Doesn't really matter anymore. As for getting older, I have mixed feelings about it. I truly feel that I have great years ahead of me that I look forward to. New experiences as I grow more comfortable in my own skin.

  11. Happy Birthday! I guess that makes two of us as mine was on May 9th, also Mother's Day.

    I got a box of chocolates for the double celebration and I don't even like chocolate, yes, I'm one of those.

    I have fought it every ounce of the way but I am beginning to mellow out and lower my expectations realizing that it is up to me to make that day special…not that there is no hint of resentment…the family doesn't realize why I am grumpy for weeks before and after.

    But I try to be more and more like Ferdinand smelling the daisy's in the field and less apt to plow my horns into somebody when I'm irritated.

    Have a great day!

  12. Happy Birthday! You should celebrate. Life is short, live it up! Get a massage, facial, or just take yourself out for a treat ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will be 34 next month. I am also "eh" about birthdays since I turned 30. I think if your life is what you want it to be, it's just a number. I have struggled more with birthdays when I was younger, because I wasn't where I wanted to be.

    I just use it as en excuse to do something fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ahem……..I will be 47 in July and I have a three year old daughter to remind me every day that yes, I am getting old. I regard anyone who can put a 3 at the front of their age as being young, so yes, you in your thirties my friend are YOUNG!!!

    I have never liked birthdays – I'm not really a fan of the "arranged days" – my husband says this makes me a party pooper but it's just I don't like to conform and buying presents and receiving them just because it's a certain day of the year seems so unexciting. What I love is to be totally surprised when I least expect it with a gift or treat. However, now that I have my daughter her birthday, Mothers Day and also Christmas now mean something, a time to celebrate and enjoy with her.

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