Whenever I see memes asking me to describe my personality traits, I run.  As fast as I can.  In the opposite direction.  It’s not that I don’t know my own personality.  It’s just that sometimes I’m not too thrilled about parts of it.  And admitting to the more favorable parts would make me look like I’m bragging. 

So this week, I employed the help of one of my best friends to help me share a little bit about myself.  I appreciate her brutal honesty.  And if she wants to brag on me, well, they’re her words, not mine. 
Here are my…

Top 10 List of My Personality Traits According to My Best Friend
10)  She only wants to do one activity a day (which reminds me of my mother)

9)  She’s introverted, but once she gets out there, she has a way of grabbing people’s attention

8)  She’s awfully damn hard on herself

7)  Self-deprecating

6)  Intelligent

5)  I wish she had more confidence in who she is

4) Honest

3)  Silly and fun

2)  Kind

1)  Loyal
What tops your list (or your best friend’s list!)? 


11 Comments on Top 10 List of My Personality Traits According To My Best Friend

  1. Oh that's a really great idea! Haha if I asked my BFF though she'd probably say "Asks many annoying questions."

    But I'm like you I can't stand when people say "Describe traits." Do you make yourself sound decent and risk being labeled as cocky or do you go the opposite and act like you have nothing to offer the world?

  2. Such a great idea! You sound like a very awesome friend to have! My best friend would probably say I talk…a LOT! LOL! I'm also pretty brutally honest, sometimes to a fault. Thanks for posting!

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