I used to love going to the beach.  Lounging in the sun with a good book.  Exfoliating my feet in the sand.  Listening to the songs of sea gulls mixing with music from the radio.  I used to think I could be a professional beach bum. 

And then I had kids.

I’m currently on vacation, and I’m learning very quickly that vacations just aren’t the same as they used to be pre-parenthood.  Thanks to my wonderful family and a visit to the beach, here are my…

Top 10 Things to Remember When Going to the Beach With 5 Adults and 3 Kids

10.  Plan to caravan.  2 carseats and 1 booster seat take up A LOT of space in a car.

9.  Apply sunscreen at home.  You’ll never be able to slather it on wiggly kids eager to make sand angels.

8.  Do not bring every toy the kids beg you to bring.  Not only does it take all 5 adults to lug the gear to your desired beach site, but the toys likely won’t be touched after their initial dumping out of the tote bags.

7.  Even if they eat a 7-course meal before leaving the house, the kids will claim to be hungry within 15 minutes of setting up the umbrellas.  Pack food.

6.  A bucket with a hole in the bottom will not hold water.

5.  Sand hides in strange places.  That includes tiny tushies.

4.  High waves and sticky sea grass can be escaped by riding atop tall shoulders.

3.  Don’t go swimming with the car keys in your pocket.

2.  Don’t try to cure travel-induced irregularity BEFORE hitting the beach.

1.  Don’t bother bringing reading material.  There’s no such thing as a relaxing trip to the beach when you have kids.

What tops your list?


9 Comments on Top 10 Things to Remember When Going to the Beach With 5 Adults and 3 Kids

  1. lolz. I remember tripps to the beach with my sisters. My mom would tote all this crap and we'd never touch it! Funny thing.. now That I'm married I do to! Under the theory that we MIGHT need something. Its a hard cycle to break.

  2. LOL!! I love the sand in tiny tushies and the car keys ones! I will definitely have to remember to not bring reading material though. These are great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Definitely the do not bother to bring reading material – I used to love lying on a beach, reading my book and catching the rays but now? Well not a page of my book got read on the beach last year and I doubt it will be any different this year either. And yes, LOTS of snacks are required!

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