Month: September 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Wow, is it Monday again?  I usually prepare a post during the weekend and schedule it for Monday morning.  But somehow my weekend got away from me, and this morning I realized I had nothing to post.  And I have WAY too much “homework” to do for work tomorrow to even think about writing a coherent post. It’s […] Read more…

Please Visit Me at PBS!!!!

My 2nd post for the PBS POV blog Regarding War, “Riding the Pre-Deployment Roller Coaster,” went up today!!!  I would really appreciate it if you visited me over there and left a comment.  I’m turning off my comments for today in the hopes that you’ll leave me a comment at PBS instead of here.  Regarding War is […] Read more…


I am an introvert.  But oddly, most of my life I’ve been quite the opposite.  As a child, I never shut up and I craved attention.  I dominated conversations and made friends with anyone who could tolerate my hyperactive tendencies.  The personality assessments I took throughout college to properly match me up with a freshman roommate, then as […] Read more…

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