It’s been quite a transition for me going back to work.  And one of those transitions is learning how to stop being a teacher once I come home and have to be a mom.  Here are my…

Top 10 Signs I Need to Take
My Teacher Hat Off Before
I Come Home From Work

10)  I read multiple children’s books every day, but I can’t remember the last time I picked up a grown-up book.

9)  I speak to Big C and Little C in my teacher voice.
8)  I’ve considered keeping my son up past his bedtime so he can help me assemble projects for my students.
7)  I’m so used to scarfing down my lunch while grading papers that I no longer know how to enjoy a leisurely meal.
6)  While trying to coax my children to clean up their toys the other day, I threatened to take away their recess.
5)  I almost drew a smiley face on Big C’s homework after I checked it.
4)  I now say things like “criss-cross applesauce,” “1-2-3, eyes on me,” and “put a bubble in your mouth” at home.

3)  My kids were misbehaving at meal time, and I enforced a silent dinner.
2)  When addressing both of my children, I find myself calling them “boys and girls.”
1)  I actually quoted a children’s book when commenting on a friend’s Facebook page.

 What transitions are you trying to adjust to? 

12 Comments on Top 10 Signs I Need to Take My Teacher Hat Off Before I Come Home From Work

  1. So what's the problem…. those all sound like perfectly reasonable things to do at home with your own children in order to enforce law and order! I wish mine behaved at home as well as they do in the classroom 🙂 Hope you have settled into a routine and are enjoying your return to work!

  2. Haha, I am a teacher at the YMCA (Im working on becoming a real teacher)and I find myself saying all those things as well, and treating my younger brother and sister like their my kids at work!

  3. I hear Ledderman is looking for a good stand-up routine. These top ten would fit his needs perfectly. Have you thought about something other than education for a occupation.


  4. Don't think of another occupation! You are doing a great job at the one you have. Being a teacher means you have the ability to entertain, to impart knowledge, to practice psychology, to do standup, to act, practice public relations, and, most importantly, shape little minds for the future. What other job could possibly be so fulfilling and so important? Keep up the good work!

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