Wow, it’s Tuesday again, isn’t it?  Hmmm.  This is all I got…  Top 10 Reasons I Have No Top 10 List Today  

10)  I’m too busy listening to Big C count to 200 and alphabetize his word sorts.

9)  My brain is mush.

8)  I’m too tired after being repeately woken up last night by Little C’s coughing.

7)  My brain is mush.

6)  Mr. Roller Coaster came home after a short trip, and I’d much rather spend time with him than write a blog post.

5)  My brain is mush.

4)  I had absolutely no idea today was Tuesday.

3)  My brain is mush.

2)  My creative juices have dried up.

1)  Did I mention my brain is mush?

What’s your best excuse for not doing something today?


10 Comments on Top 10 Reasons I Have No Top 10 List Today

  1. I have days like that. Sometimes it's because I get caught up in fun things like coloring or watching Disney movies but usually it's because my brain is mush. Yep, I know ALL about that 😉 xx

  2. I hurt my hand and have to wait til tomorrow for an appointment with the doc, so I am doing none of my chores, and typing much slower then usual… That is my excuse today…I like the brain is mush one though. I usually say mine is on vacation and it forgot to take me. LOL

  3. We've had the coughing too. Already had to break out the nebulizer. I actually had a productive Tuesday. I started rearranging furniture. Now I have to find the energy to finish today.

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