It truly is beginning to feel like Christmas!  I attended my staff Christmas party last night.   I finally put my Christmas tree up today.  And as I write this on a cold Saturday night, it’s snowing!  I’m finally getting into the Christmas spirit! I’m also feeling the Hanukkah spirit. I have a student who is Jewish, and I love being able to learn about another holiday through her and her family.  Her mother is coming to my class next week to read stories about Hanukkah and share some traditional foods and customs.  It’s times like these that I truly believe that being a teacher is so much more than teaching my students because they educate me as well. What a wonderful time of year! Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?  If you’re Jewish, what are your favorite Hanukkah traditions? 

6 Comments on It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

  1. No Christmas tree yet. Santa takes a little longer to get to our "neck of the woods."

    As kids, Dad always put our tree up on Christmas Eve and then we all awaited Santa's arrival that night. It was so magical to come out on Christmas morning to see the tree transformed with its lights and decorations beautifully strung.

  2. Bah humbug! I'm not doing a tree this year. I don't see the point, please I'd have to clean it up in January. I'm spending the holidays with my parents, so I'm shipping all my gifts to them. It would be a really sad looking tree. I am going out to get a fresh wreath for my door, since OccDoc wanted a picture of one.

  3. i've got all my christmas stuff up šŸ˜€ I lvoe Christmas time. And I'm not Jewish, I guess taht's obvious now haha, but I lvoe Jewish traditions: I just think they are so beautiful.

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