I’m home from work today, cozying up on the couch being lazy.  Strep throat is circulating through my classroom, and every other person I know has a sinus infection.  Am I next to fill my script for antibiotics? I barely got through the work day yesterday.  I was exhausted.  My head was pounding, and my students’ excited Christmas spirit only made it worse.  By noon I had already lined up a substitute teacher and a doctor’s appointment for today.  I couldn’t wait for a day on the couch to recuperate. But then a weird thing happened.  As I taught my class after lunch, I miraculously felt better.  Was it all in my head?  Were my symptoms psychosomatic?  I spent my morning ticking off my symptoms to co-workers and listening to them tell me I looked terrible.  The sinus pressure increased.  A student came back after missing 2 days of school explaining that she had strep.  Suddenly I had a sore throat.  But by the time I had arranged for my sick day, I was already feeling better. Now today I don’t have a headache anymore, and my sore throat disappeared after I ate breakfast.  I was even contemplating going to the gym and canceling my doctor’s appointment.   I almost feel guilty for calling in sick. Am I really sick?   Or did I simply need a personal day to recover from all the holiday craziness?   Maybe it’s just the holiday preparations that’s making me so tired.   Maybe talking about being sick made me actually feel sick. Maybe just thinking about a day off made me feel better. Maybe I needed an excuse to take a mental health day and enjoy some quiet time alone. Maybe the only prescription I need is some simple R & R. Regardless of the reason, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy my day off with my fanny parked on the couch while the kids are at school.  And I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Do you ever take a mental health day off from work?  Do you ever feel guilty for doing it? 

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  1. Sometimes, a mental-health day is exactly what you need… waiting for Saturday to relax on the couch just won't suffice.

    I always feel guilty… for the first hour. Then you have to enjoy the relaxation. If you don't, the day is wasted.

    Enjoy it!

  2. I truely believe that we can make ourselves sick. Seriously! It's kinda like fleas. If you have been in someone's house that has fleas, you feel like you have them and you begin to itch like crazy. Do you like that? Do you feel like you need to itch your head just from imagining fleas? Gross I know!

    But seriously, you needed a good mental health day to yourself! Good for you! And most importantly, good thing your really NOT sick!

  3. When I worked at the job I had back in November 2008-August 2009, I would take about 2 mental health days a month. Well, the last 3-4 months that I worked there I did. I didn't feel guilty at all. We all need days to relax, especially since life can be overwhelming at times.

  4. I quit my job just over a year ago to move to Europe with my husband and our son for the hockey season but … when I was working, every so often, I did take a personal day. Sometimes I felt guilty, sometimes I didn't but I always knew I was doing what was right for me. My employer actually allowed for one personal day per month – I doubt everyone took them but they're there if you need 'em!

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