It’s Friday so you know the drill!  Go visit Wife of a Sailor for Mil Spouse Friday Fill-In #25.  Post the answers on your blog, and then link up with her. 
Here are this week’s questions…
1.  What is the best gift you have ever received or given? (from Jessica Lynn Writes)
My husband has given me countless gifts, but I think my favorite was a 10 year journal.  He bought it in Japan, and each day has its own page with separate spaces for 10 years.  There’s only room for 3 or 4 sentences per year, but some days that’s all I have time for.  I’ve been writing in it for 3 years, and it’s so fun looking back and seeing what I was doing last year and the year before on that very day.  (It’s funny this question came up because I was planning to write a blog post about that journal next week!)

2.  Do you celebrate holidays differently when your loved one is deployed/gone or do you keep tradition? (from The Albrecht Squad)
My husband has only been deployed during 1 Christmas, and my son was just an infant, so I basically just visited my parents and celebrated some traditions I had growing up.  As far as other holidays throughout the year, I definitely try to keep with tradition. 

3.  If you celebrate Christmas, do you put an angel, star or something else on the top of your tree?
An angel has topped our Christmas tree ever since my husband and I got married.  But this year the kids wanted a star so they picked one out and that’s now our new tree topper. 

4.  What are your three favorite websites?
I won’t be boring and say my own blog, Facebook, and gmail (even though those top my favorites list).  I love getting recipes from  When I’m writing, I always have open in another window.  And I couldn’t have gotten through this holiday season without  Wow, I guess those are pretty boring too.  I just don’t play on the internet for purposes other than writing, social networking, and shopping.

5.  On your man do you prefer… boxers, briefs or boxer briefs? Or commando?
What about thongs? No, seriously, I don’t really have a preference. 
When you finish answering the fill-in questions, head on over to Empty Nest, PCS, and All the Rest for Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup #15 to link up one of your posts!


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  1. I just wanted to stop by and say that I love your blog! Being a member of the military myself, and of course a blogger, I greatly enjoy stopping by to read what you have cooking up over here. I favorites are Fill In Fridays and your Top 10 Lists… Thanks for still being here and keeping my level of entertainment and intrigue as high as you always seem to do…

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