My kids don’t like me very much.  When I turn the tv off, I hear, “Mom, I don’t like you!”  When I serve something unedible for dinner, “Mom, I don’t like you!”  And when I, God forbid, tell them to clean up the disaster areas they call bedrooms, it’s a whole bunch of “Mom, I don’t like you!”

Mr. Roller Coaster doesn’t get much lovin’ these days either.  But fortunately my son is able to come up with some things he likes about his father.  I’m letting him take over the top 10 list today.  Here are Big C’s…

Top 10 Reasons I Like My Dad

10)  I like his haircut a lot.

9)  He takes me on boys’ nights.

8)  He plays Wii with us.

7)  He wrestles with us.

6)  I go places with him like Home Depot, golf, and laser tag.

5)  We go on bike rides together.  And this one time, he took me to [a really cool park] to practice when I was training with moving obstacles.

4)  He reads me bedtime stories.

3)  He gives money to me and my sister because we do yard work.

2)  He lets us watch movies that Mom doesn’t like.

1)  He says I love you all the time.

{I wanted to include my daughter in this list as well, but when I repeatedly asked her what she liked about her daddy, she repeatedly replied, “I like nothing about my daddy.”  Finally, the last time I asked her, I got a better answer: “Dad’s my cowboy.”}

{{And by the way, this post was originally supposed to be about why my kids like ME, but sadly, they were unable to collectively come up with 10 reasons.}} 

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  1. Just wanted to drop in after I saw the follow on Blog Frog (thank you very much!!)….I may not be a military Wife (which in my book is on top of the wife-chain when it comes to needing a well deserved pat on the back!!)…I too have a husband that travels often (but not like military-travel)…I look forward to reading your previous posts (when I probably should be putting my kids to bed…but I haven't) and reading future posts!!


  2. Numbers 10 & 2 made me laugh! I'm sure one day your kids will make you a list of reasons they love you too :] Maybe you could bribe them with candy? Just kidding! :]

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