At one point or another, I have probably proclaimed that my husband is the perfect man (and I probably proclaimed that at the very beginning of our relationship).  Admit it, you’ve probably said the same about your husband.  But we all know that there is no such thing as the perfect man.     But what would happen if we could build the perfect man, kind of like that movie Weird Science when 2 teenage man-boys built their ideal woman?  What would the result be if we took a whole bunch of celebrities and threw them into a pot, mixed them up, and let all their best qualities bubble to the surface?    There are oh so many male celebrities to choose from for their own unique reasons! Unfortunately, a couple of my top picks were automatically disqualified for things like stupidity (Tom Cruise for his Oprah couch-hopping incident and the Brooke Shields bashing idiocy), lack of sound judgment (Brad Pitt, you are so darn pretty, but Angelina Jolie is her own brand of crazy), and lack of maturity (Zac Efron and Justin Bieber may be the cool kids right now but I like my men to be men).   So here are my…     Top 10 Celebrities I Would Use to Build the Perfect Man  (10) 

  Hugh Grant (I’ve been in love with that accent since I practically peed my pants watching “Four Weddings and a Funeral”)
Patrick Dempsey (oh, to run my fingers through that hair)
Bruce Willis  (don’t know why I love this tough guy but yippee ki yay)
Mark Wahlberg (hello abs and biceps)
Harry Connick Jr. (just so he could sing to me all day)
Will Ferrell (the perfect man needs the perfect sense of humor)
Ben Affleck (how ya like them apples?)

George Clooney (as long as he didn’t discuss politics)
Matthew McConaughey (what is there not to like about this man?)

Matt Damon (he just seems like a really nice guy who happens to be able to write Oscar winner screenplays and also happens to be the actor I would choose to play Mr. Roller Coaster in a movie about us)

Which celebrities would you choose to make their contribution to your perfect man?

{And by the way, Mr. Roller Coaster may not be the perfect man, but he’s the perfect man for me.}

17 Comments on Top 10 Celebrities I Would Use to Build the Perfect Man

  1. Loved your list but would have to eliminate #10, despite the great accent. That "car incident" a few years back still sticks in my mind…

  2. I'm not sure of all the men I'd have to choose, but Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom, Colin Firth and maybe David Boreanaz would make the list for me.

  3. Love it. I can agree with you on some of these guys – especially the voice on Harry and abs on Mark Wahlberg. I might get the eyes from Hugh but accent would have to be Gerard Butler (amongst a few other of his qualities). Yum.

  4. Hmmm… what an interesting thought. In no particular order:

    George Clooney — and yes, please talk sweet, dirty politics to me.
    Anderson Cooper — For those baby blues.
    Jon Stewart — Humor, humanity and intelligence.
    Brian Williams — Hey, I like them smart.
    Johnny Depp — Because I also like them hot.
    Sean Connery — To add a dash of class.
    Eric Clapton — To serenade me with his amazing guitar riffs.
    Clinton Kelly — To go shopping with me.

    Oh look — I only needed eight.

  5. Ohh the man who plays Spartacus – best abs in the business – and beyond that….erm…does there need to be a beyond that???

    Just caught a Wednesday wave over to follow you and I'm so glad I did! What a lovely blog you have! I'll be back for sure to read more!!

    Hope you have a lovely week!

  6. I agree with your list except for one: Hugh Grant. =P Nothing against him, but I'd probably substitute James Marsden for him.

    And, oh, Patrick Dempsey… *swoon* Even my husband knows I have a crush on him. I'm gonna go clean up my drool now. =P

  7. Where is Bradley Cooper???? Or Ryan Reynolds?? Although Ryan Reynolds has really bad taste in women. I think Seth Green would be where my man's humor would come from. But oh Patrick Dempsey. Yum!! Ben Affleck (if you can forgive the J-Lo incident) Yum! Oh! And where is Gerard Butler??? LOL!! I would probably throw in a little Kevin Spacey for maturity. OH. And Robert Downey Jr. for a little Baditude!

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