Do you ever have those weeks when everything goes exactly as they should?  The new furniture you bought comes out of the box undamaged.  Your work days begin and end with smiles.  You receive only happy, encouraging, flattering emails.  You’ve avoided the sinus pressure and sore throat everyone else is suffering from.  And your house is perfectly spotless.  I have those weeks. Unfortunately, this week is not one of them.  

If you flip everything I just said into the exact opposite, then you get an idea of how my week is going.  And of course it always feels worse when the spit hits the fan all at once.  I don’t think the nasty email from the parent of 1 of my students would have bothered me so much if I wasn’t bogged down with report card preparation.  I don’t think the damaged furniture would have bothered me so much if my house wasn’t a disaster.  I don’t think my busy days would be bothering me so much if I wasn’t functioning solely on Mucinex.
I’m in a funk.  And when I have weeks like this, I don’t know how to get out of my funk other than hiding under a blanket and watching mindless televsion.  So after I deal with the dinner that needs to be cooked and the damaged furniture that needs to be exchanged and the laundry that needs to be washed and folded, maybe I’ll slip into my Snuggie and catch up on my American Idol. 
Tomorrow’s another day.
How do you pull yourself out of a bad mood/bad week funk? 


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  1. Ahhh…I'm so bummed for you. Sorry, but I know all to well about living in a funk. You just can't shake it for nothing. Mindless tv is always a must in moments like this. I hope you start feeling better soon! Put the kids to bed early tonight, I refer to these nights as EBT {early bed time}…you say it fast to them, and they get all excited thinking its something supe cool, it is super cool, but not for them, for us.

    Anyways….tomorrow is Friday!

  2. This has also been my week! Different circumstances, same awful timing on everything and same bad mood! I've been dealing by keeping a glass of wine in my hand most of the time* and making sure I always have something to laugh at! Chocolate helps also!!

    *I really don't drink that much. One glass of wine and I'm normally asleep… I mean, done 🙂

  3. Yup, Im in the middle of a funky vortex too. All I can say is take one moment…not one day…one moment at a time and remember to stop and breathe…

  4. I'm in a funk right now too. Meh.

    I try to work out, hang out with friends, play with my nephew, get some productive things done..

    or sometimes I just sleep a lot, play games on my phone, and take hot baths haha.

    Hope things get better!

  5. A nice glass of wine and a sappy movie usually do the trick for me. I cry it out and feel like a new woman. Or a trip to the puppy park~ cause who doesn't love romping puppies 😉 Hope things turn around!

  6. I buy new guilty pleasure songs on iTunes to lift my spirits!

    Hey, I started a linky for teachers – "Things Students Say Thursday!" I know it's a little late this week, but check it out and jump in if you'd like! Love to have you participate!

  7. Oh no! I rely on your gratitude posts to pull me out of my funks and give me inspiration. You have to wonder if something is in the air when so many in bloggyland are all having bad weeks. I hope it gets better. I am going to try to do my gratitude post today anyway. Sometimes it helps.

  8. I had "one of those weeks" this week as well. I came home from work yesterday and had a margarita! Then mani/pedi and shopping today made everything better!

  9. I'm just coming out of two of those weeks in a row! I don't have any suggestions but sometimes I feel better knowing that I'm not alone. lol I hope things are better by now. (I'm a little late getting in on the comments here!)

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