“Our daddies have to work really hard.  And sometimes we have to too.  And sometimes when you’re the only boy in the house, you have to take care of your mom.”
~Big C on life as a military brat

 In honor of April and the Month of the Military Child, I thought I’d turn over this week’s top 10 list to my 7-year-old son Big C. 

   Here are his…  Top 10 Pros and Cons of Being a Military Brat 

10)  CON:  I don’t like making new friends because I like my old ones.  If I don’t see my friends in a long time, I forget about them.

9)  PRO: We get to meet people in different countries.

8)  CON: My daddy misses my baseball practices.

7) PRO: My dad buys me stuff when he’s on trips.

6)  CON: My dad goes on a lot of trips.

5)  PRO: We have good parents, and we have a good life.

4)  CON: I don’t like moving because it’s boring going on long car drives and on airplanes.

3)  PRO : When my dad comes back from trips we play golf together.

2)  CON : I don’t get to see my dad a lot.

1)  PRO: My daddy is a hero.

 What tops your military brat’s list? 

13 Comments on Top 10 Pros and Cons of Being a Military Brat (According to Big C)

  1. New follower from Goodnight Moon!
    Having been a military brat I know I look at things and handle things even stressors diff then some of my friends. But I wonder what my kids would say? Hmm now I know what conversation we will be having tomorrow!

  2. "I don't like moving because it's boring…" LOL! I love his honesty! I love his list…yet some of them make me sad. Big C did a great job!!!! And what an awesome military child you have!

    I think you should totally enter this into the BSF essay contest! You never know….

  3. Awww! Thanks for sharing…and tell him thank you for sharing your daddy. Our family appreciates the sacrifice your family is making for us and our country:) I'm visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party. Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Great list. I should definitely do this with my children before April is over. Thanks for starting up such a great meme. I really like visiting blogs from the MilSpouse Roundup. =)

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