In keeping with the theme of the Month of the Military Child, I thought I’d dedicate another top 10 list to military brats.   Did you know that Tiger Woods was a military brat?  So was Priscilla Presley.  And Julianne Moore.  And Christina Aguilera.  There are a ton of famous people who were once military brats.  So here are my…  Top 10 Celebrity Military Brats (To see a list of celebrity military brats divided by branch, click here.) 

Shaquille O’Neal
(Army brat)

Jessica Alba
(Air Force brat)

Mia Hamm
(Air Force brat)
Robert Duvall
(Navy brat)


Bill Cosby
(Navy brat)



 Heather Locklear
(Marine brat)



 Jim Morrison
(Navy brat)


(Army brat)


 Bruce Willis
(Army brat)


And of course the actress who would play me in a movie about the Roller Coaster family:
Reese Witherspoon
(Army brat)

Who tops your list?

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the follow! I didn't know they were all military brats, interesting lol Great blog, and thank you for doing what you do as a military wife.


  2. I did not know about Reese Witherspoon! Also, for the younger bunch – Debbie Ryan (on the Suite Life on Deck) is a brat too – but I can't remember which branch)

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