So here it is Tuesday again and time for a top 10 list.  I contemplated forgoing a top 10 list to write about the hot topic of the week (well actually, the hot topic of the decade), but there isn’t anything I could write about Osama Bin Laden that hasn’t been written already in the past 24 hours.  Then I thought about writing a top 10 list of reasons why the death of Bin Laden was such a happy occasion in our country.  But I have to admit I felt guilty for admitting that the death of another human being made me happy.

So I decided to stick with a lighter topic and let the real reporters out there share their feelings and insight about those kick ass Navy SEALS who took down the most hunted man in the world.

Here are my…

 Top 10 Highlights of the MilBlog Conference  

10)  Talking to people until I lost my voice and having so much fun that I’m still not recovered 3 days later

9)  Free stuff!  I came home with t-shirts, a book, pens, a bag and hand sanitizer (or computer screen cleaner according to one particularly confused blogger), and my favorite, a Home Depot thumb drive shaped like a hammer.

8)  Being in the same room as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.  He actually had a pretty good sense of humor.

7)  Seeing people who attended the conference last year and actually speaking to them because I wasn’t terrified to introduce myself

6)  Attending a Mark Wills concert.  Mark Wills is awesome!  And that’s coming from a gal who doesn’t have a very high opinion of country music.  Check out the debut of his song “Crazy Being Home” at the Navy Memorial.  Yeah, try not to cry.

5)  Getting away for a girls’ weekend!

4)  Going to a party at the Navy Memorial.  It’s hard to describe how cool it was to drive around D.C. in a bus filled with military writers.

3)  Listening to the panels on topics like social media and the military, Gold Star families, and war and film.  The discussions were informative, eye-opening, and heartbreaking conversation starters.

2)  Being interviewed by a New York Times reporter and sharing my reasons for loving this wonderful mil spouse blogging community that I’m honored to be a part of

1)  Meeting fellow mil spouse bloggers and finally being able to give them real-life hugs instead of cyber xoxo’s, to share conversations that didn’t involve a keyboard, and to fulfill those promises of sharing a drink (or 2 or 3 or, well, I kind of lost count) and talking until we could talk no more.
So who’s going next year?!´╗┐


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  1. If I am still a milspouse (re-enlistment wise, not divorcing!) I am totally going next year. And not just to the reception!

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