In case you haven’t heard, my dear friend over at Goodnight Moon hosts the What’s YOUR Song? Link-Up every Thursday.  It’s as simple as it sounds: pick a song, post it on your blog, and link it up.    The last time I participated in the link up, I shared Miss Willie Brown’s “Freeland,” a beautiful song about military spouses keeping the home fires burning.  Since then, several anonymous commenters have added songs to my Deployment Songs playlist, one of which I wanted to share today.    My song choice today is called “Keeper of the Stars” by Andrea Pearson.  I know nothing about the artist, but the song moved me to tears.  If Miss Willie Brown’s song is my anthem for military spouses, then Andrea Pearson’s song is my tribute to military brats. I dare you to watch without a box of Kleenex.


16 Comments on Andrea Pearson: Keeper of the Stars

  1. Oh my word…I was crying after the first 30 seconds. How touching that was and I LOVED the song. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. I cry every time I watch anything like this. I'ts beautiful! It's one of those things that is already emotional, but it has an even deeper emotion for me. 🙁 I'm just a hot mess…haha

  3. Thanks for making me cry this morning! Gesh! You needed a warning label for this post….NEED A BOX OF TISSUES.

    Thanks for linking up sweet cheeks! You know I adore you! I'm just now making my rounds since I was sooooo sick yesterday!

  4. I definitely cried. I'm a Canadian Military Spouse and military brat – but we were stationed in the States when I was younger. That song is amazing, thanks for sharing.

  5. So sweet! I got that "lump in the throat and tears" feeling from the very beginning with the little cutie saying "Daddy! I missed you!"…to the very end! Thank you for sharing this one.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (catching up on some of my blog reading…also wondering if you know who the next one is for this week that will be hosting your awesome Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup?)

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