Tomorrow is my last day of school.  As of tomorrow, I have officially completed my first year of teaching kindergarten.  And oh what an interesting year it’s been.
In my years of experience with kids, I’ve worked with every grade level from 1st grade to 8th.  By the time I finished my student teaching, I knew my best fit would be with 2nd-4th grade.  If I was desperate maybe I’d go as low as 1st grade and as high as 5th.  But never kindergarten. 
Well, what do you know?  Karma hit me, and I found myself in a kindergarten classroom.  And after struggling to find my groove and figuring out how to gain the respect of a room full of 5- and 6-year-olds (and their parents), I suddenly find myself at the end of my first kindergarten school year.
After a year in kindergarten, here are my…

 Top 10 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Kindergarten Teacher  

10)  5-year-olds’ brains are sponges.  They remember anything that is presented in a fun and interesting way and love to repeat it.  That can be both good and bad so watch what you say.  (Good advice for parents who wonder if their kids repeat things said and done at home.  They do.)

9)  Not a lot of men work with young children.  And when you work in a building full of women, you realize that they can be just as immature as the children they teach.

8)  In most cases, it’s best if the kids work out their differences on their own without parental intervention.

7)  Being a kindergarten teacher is the best excuse to read  and reread my favorite children’s books.

6)  Kids have a lot to say, and a little attention goes a long way.

5)  At this age, children possess a natural curiosity.  Allow that curiosity to be contagious, and you just might learn something yourself.

4)  Hugs are a necessity.  Except when there’s a lice outbreak.

3)  Silliness is a virtue.

2)  It’s impossible to hide boogers.

1)  I’m better at this than I thought I would be.

Do you have any life lessons from this school year?


6 Comments on Top 10 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Kindergarten Teacher

  1. Aw, those are all such true lessons! I loved working with kindergartners because they're so lovable, but that lovableness can also be exhausting. Sometimes I felt like a second mom!

  2. That I'm thankful I homeschool and am in charge of what they're learning and not learning! Thankful that they're learning how GOD created this world and everything in it and not some ridiculous "boom".

  3. I was much like you. I never thought I would teach kindergarten and had no desire…until that was the only place I could find a job. My one year of teaching kindergarten was, honestly, probably my most fun year of teaching, thought it was also the most tiring. This year, the biggest lesson I learned is to be passive. I've learned to set a timer and walk away. This saves me time and energy as well as allows the problem to disolve itself.

    I love that fact that no matter how many years you teach, each year, you can learn something new!

  4. My first thought….what a great way to end the year!!!

    During my student teaching I fell in love with kindergarten. Hugs are always a priority. I love that you added the lice breakout =)

    Congrats on getting through your first year with a classroom full of 5 & 6 year olds. You deserve a nice summer break =)

  5. Hey! Im a new follower via the military monday blog hop! I love this post. It's hilarious. I too am a teacher, though I have only been able to sub, have learned these kinds of lessons while being in the classroom.

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