I love tennis.  No, seriously,  I LOVE tennis.  And I’m obsessed with Wimbledon.  Mr. Roller Coaster knows that if we ever won the lottery, one of the first things I want to do is buy tickets to see Wimbledon live.

Yesterday was the start of week 2 of this year’s Wimbledon, and my DVR has been working overtime so I can watch the tournament when I can.  Wimbledon holds so many fond memories for me, so I thought I’d dedicate this week’s top 10 list to my favorite tennis players.  My list has nothing to do with talent or grand slam titles and everything to do with personality, entertainment value, and overall scrappiness.   (And sorry Mom, I know Bjorn Borg is your #1, but he’s a little before my time.)

Here are my…

 Top 10 Favorite Tennis Players  

Lindsay Davenport

Lleyton Hewitt

Monica Seles

Pete Sampras


Jennifer Capriati

Andy Roddick

Kim Clijsters

Roger Federer

Steffi Graf

Andre Agassi

{{{And yes, I think it’s totally awesome that my top 2 are married to each other.}}}

Anyone else a tennis fan?  If not, what’s your sport of choice?


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  1. I'm not a tennis person. The one sport I love, and actually get into is football. I'm a Bears fan and my husband is a Cowboys fan so the house is a little tense during Football season.

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