As you may have read yesterday, the Roller Coasters welcomed puppy Gunner into our family last week.  Gunner is this tiny furball of hyperactive energy and endless kisses.  He’s awesome.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a puppy in my house, and like having a baby, you really have no idea how much your life is going to change when you bring one home.  Here are my…

 Top 10 Ways Life Changes When a Puppy Joins Your Family  

10)  You’ve added new phrases to your vocabulary that you repeat constantly: No bites.  Leave it.  Go potty outside.  Good boy.  Wanna treat?
9)  You and the kids are bouncing off the walls because you don’t have the heart to crate the puppy and leave the house for long periods of time.
8)  You start asking people at the park how old their dogs are.

7)  Your camera is working overtime.  But if the puppy grabs the strap one more time you might have to invest in a new one.

6)  You finally found a use for all those old towels, blankets, and baby gates you never threw out because you knew one day you’d use them.
5) You actually convinced your children to clean their rooms because they don’t want the puppy to choke on their Legos and Littlest Pet Shops.
4)  You have scratches and bite marks all over your body.
3)  You’ve cleaned poop off of every rug in your house.
2) You’re as sleep-deprived and brain dead as you were when you brought a newborn home.
1)  There’s even more love circulating in your house.
Do you have a pet?  How did your pet change your life?

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  1. Yes, yes and yes. I have never been a morning person or a coffee drinker, and now I get up at least once before SoldierMan leaves for work. Of course, I go back to bed. 🙂 And as I sit here with my 80 pound puppy curled up next to me in bed, I'm reminded that the multiple wakeups (we're down to 1-2 a night) and potty on the rug are all just phases. I would rather have them than sleep in….although they're starting to get the idea. 🙂

  2. i love this list! especially since we have only had our doggie for only about four days. we bought bentley the same toy as in the pic. we had to take it away though, because he was already trying to get the knot loose, and we didn't want him to eat the threads.

  3. I so agree with all of this!!! I have had my dog for 7 1/2 years and I couldn't imagine our lives without her. My cat as well, they are such a joy and our kids until we have children 🙂 Your puppy is precious!!

  4. I love that you posted this. My dog is currently going through the process of being tested for either poisoning or a blood disorder. He's completely out of sorts, and although I've only had him for 6 months, he's my husband's and my angel. We are expecting our first "real" child, but Argus will always be our first I think. Argus has changed my life by making my home a happier place. You never realize how much better a dog can make your family until you have one. We plan trips around him and treat him like he were human. He's so special, and we're praying he pulls through this

  5. Ohhh he's SO cute! 😀 Truly, I didn't take enough "baby photos" of Bristol when he brought her home.

    Our pup (now 10mos) is the center of our lives at the moment. She's a true Velcro-Dog (as most Cockers are) — and when we can? We bring her along. This includes trips to the bank, the bakery down the street for bread, dog parks, dog beaches and oh yes, Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. But on the plus side? I spend about 50x more time outside. When I garden, she's outside with me. When I want a nap, she wants a ball to be thrown. Or … other times … she climbs up on the couch and naps ON me.

    But you're right about one thing: it's endless kisses, seemingly-boundless energy .. and one heck of a lot of love.

  6. haha, very nice! and THIS is why we still haven't gotten a dog! My husband has brought it up several times in the last few years, and it seems every time I am close to considering it, I find out I am pregnant! And that closes the discussion until the next year… As I am preparing for Baby #3, I am not looking forward to the sleepless nights, and the feeling of being homebound. But I know that it is just a phase. Someday we will stop having children, and our daughter will be old enough to take care of her own dog! 🙂

  7. I love this post! I joke all the time that my dogs should work for the enemy because they can break you down with sleep deprivation. They want to get up at 5:00 AM. The time my hubby got up when he was home.

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