I take my exercising very seriously, especially when it comes to running.  But yesterday was my day off from running, and I decided to hit the elliptical machine.  And because exercise goes by so much faster with distractions, I chose the elliptical with the television.

Normally if I have the opportunity to watch tv while I’m working out, I’ll flip back and forth between Fox News and CNN.  But yesterday I really didn’t think that 30 minutes of stock market chatter was going to motivate me through my work out.  So I channel surfed until I found something a little more motivating: Will and Grace.  Nothing like laughter to distract you from your sore hamstrings.

I don’t know your thoughts on Will and Grace, but I’ve always thought it was hilarious.  In this particular episode, Jack and Karen spent their days lamenting the end of their favorite television shows.  I don’t watch much television myself, but I am very loyal to those shows that manage to suck me in.  And if I were at the water cooler with Jack and Karen, I’d definitely join in on their pity party over the demise of certain shows. 

Here are my…

Top 10 TV Shows I Wish Would Make a Comeback

Will and Grace
(Of course I had to include Will and Grace…it inspired this post!)


Growing Pains
(I learned A LOT from the Seavers)

(I’m not a big fan of sci-fi, but this show made me think.  Every now and then I like to think.)


Family Ties
(Learned a lot from the Keatons too)


(I laugh just thinking about this show.)


Charlie’s Angels
(Who doesn’t love strong, intelligent, beautiful, kick-ass women?!)


(I know I know. A lot of the 24 scenarios were ridiculously unrealistic, and Jack Bauer said, “I give you my word” just a few too many times.  But there was action and suspense in every episode.)


(This show got me through college, the post-graduation limbo, and the beginning of my marriage.  I cried when I heard it was canceled.)


Sex and the City
(I have fond memories of watching my girls every Sunday night with a glass of wine.  And I’ll pretend that 2nd Sex and the City movie never happened.)


(Seinfeld is the epitome of comedy.  I think I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times, and I’ve been known to relate events in my life to specific Seinfeld episodes.  Thank goodness for syndication.)
What tops your list?


15 Comments on Top 10 TV Shows I Wish Would Make a Comeback

  1. Friends always always makes me laugh — even when the rest of life has nothing to laugh at. It got me through post college craziness, pregnancy and our first deployment. I knew no matter how much I wanted to cry I could at least turn on the One Where Chandler Takes a Bath and laugh until I cried.

  2. Loved your choices…except for 1 and 2…never got into them, so I will add "Boy Meets World"…ages of kids at that time were the same as mine:) And a show I must have seen reruns of forever…ER, always changing, always exciting!

  3. Will & Grace and Friends… love both of them! Actually I have every season of Friends on DVD. I also really liked 24 although I only watched 2 seasons… but Netflix has the others.

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