Yesterday was Big C’s first baseball practice of the season.  I’d like to say my lack of preparation for the first practice was due to my lack of experience as a baseball mom, but this is his third season playing coach pitch after 2 seasons of t-ball.  I have no excuse.  So I thought I’d make myself a little list to refer to in the Spring, when I will undoubtedly find myself once again scrambling to NOT be that mom who shows up with her son wearing cleats that are 2 sizes too small and a shirt that was pulled from the hamper.

Here are my…

 Top 10 Things NOT To Do Before Your Son’s 1st Baseball Practice of the Season   

10)  Don’t serve dinner too late on practice night, especially if you have the world’s slowest eater shooting rigatoni out of his mouth across the table at his sister.  You’ll either have to rush him through the meal, or he won’t finish and then he’ll spend half the practice running off the field begging you for food you didn’t bring.

9)  Don’t even consider signing up to bring snacks to the first game.  (Always sign up for the second game.  That way you can see how lame or awesome the first mom’s snack was and plan accordingly.)

8)  Don’t forget chairs!  Unless you like sitting on the ground with the players’ younger siblings instead of having a grown up conversation with the other moms.

7)  Don’t let your 3-year-old daughter wear her favorite yellow dress.  It will no longer be yellow by the end of her big brother’s practice.

6)  Don’t forget to remind everyone to use the bathroom before leaving the house.  I don’t mind letting the boy make a pit stop in the woods, but it’s not so fun with the girl popping a squat in that yellow dress.

5)  Don’t assume the thunder and pouring down rain mean practice is canceled. Coach doesn’t cancel practice unless there’s a hurricane.

4)  Don’t bring your 14 week old puppy to practice.  (Read: Don’t let your husband bring your puppy because you’ll be holding the leash for 2 hours trying to keep the puppy out of the mud from the rain that didn’t cancel practice.)

3)  Don’t wait until 15 minutes before practice starts to locate all uniform necessities.  How do athletic cups seem to vanish into thin air?!

2)  Don’t wait until the day before to pick up a baseball mitt and have a catch with your son.  You might feel that was enough to claim you “worked with him all summer” but little boys have big mouths and they have no shame in ratting out their parents.

1)  Don’t leave the unused and forgotten bat bag in the rain one random day without checking on the contents afterward.  Yes, mold does grow on baseball mitts. 

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh while reading this. Some things after realizing them you are probably like, oh duh – how stupid! But in all actuality, we can't be super moms. We live and we learn. Thanks for sharing, I will keep this in mind as I'm sure I will need to refer back to it in a few years!

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