A couple of months ago I wrote a book review for a novel called Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington.  (Seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, get going!)  Then a few weeks ago, Ms. Harrington emailed me about the Where’s Alice Bliss? campaign, a fun way to send copies of the novel to as many countries and U.S. states as possible. Through Bookcrossing.com, copies of Alice Bliss will be registered and tracked as they travel around the world, passing from one reader to the next.  I couldn’t resist!  I registered my copy of Alice Bliss and got to work thinking of how I would share it.

I had never heard of Bookcrossing.com but once I played around on the website, I could easily see how people might get addicted to it.  There are a couple of ways you can “release” a book.  You can simply give the book to someone you know or you can get creative with a “wild release.”  That basically means you leave it somewhere, anywhere you think someone will “catch” your release.  (And it sounds like people get really into it and leave clues for other locals to find their books.)  Then the fun part is tracking the book as it travels to different random people who hopefully take the time to register it and make journal entries. 

I chose to release Alice Bliss into the wild instead of simply passing it along to a friend.  I thought about leaving it at the YMCA I frequent or a bench at my favorite park or even the waiting room of the car dealership I’ll be sitting in today.  But I really wanted the book to go to a military family.  So I took my friend’s advice to leave it at a coffee shop one step further.  I left it at a coffee shop next to the commissary on a military base on a Saturday.  I figured there’s no way that book would be sitting there for long.

And I was right!  Within a few hours I checked my account on bookcrossing, and sure enough, someone had picked up my book, registered it, and left a journal entry about how excited she was to read it and then pass it along.  I was thrilled to see that the reader is a military daughter herself, which is perfect because the book is about the daughter of a deployed service member.  I can’t wait to see where it goes next!

Sound like fun?  Then join in on the Where’s Alice Bliss? campaign!  Click here for more info.  You can also register to receive a free copy of the book to read and release by going to Laura Harrington’s website.

Have you ever participated in a catch or release at Bookcrossing.com?  What are some unique places you’ve found or left a book?

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  1. After I saw your last post I went online and got my own copy! My plan is to read it on the plane going to Vegas and to leave it in the airport! Figners crossed someone picks it up (: And I finish it in time….

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