I fell in love with Facebook the second I opened my first account.  In fact, I’m a recovering Facebook addict.  I was wasting so much time reading the status updates of my “friends” and updating my own status that I eventually had to step away from my computer and put myself in social media rehab.  When I resurfaced, I de-friended about 150 people and restricted myself to checking Facebook only 3 times a day and updating my status no more than once a day.  Everything in moderation right? 

I still hang out on Facebook but not nearly as frequently as I used to.  And I still try not to change my status updates more than once or twice a day.  But I do find that sometimes the random spontaneous thoughts that end up on my FB page can and do end up inspiring blog posts.  In fact, just last week one of my status updates inspired a post

So last week, when my son was down for the count with a 102 fever, I thought I’d go back through the last year of my Roller Coaster status updates and pick out my favorites for this week’s top 10 list.  How some of these slipped by without turning into a blog post I’ll never know.  Maybe I’ll refer back to this list when I need some inspiration.

Have you ever gone back and read through your Facebook wall?  I found it pretty interesting.  Although it occurred to me that maybe I like wine a little too much.  Anyway, here are my…

Top 10 Favorite Roller Coaster Facebook Status Updates
{{{Plus an unheard of bonus 5!!!}}}

15)  Reason 897 why it sucks that my husband is gone: It’s impossible to put on a kimono by yourself.
14)  Breaking news: The Easter bunny is in prep mode. In other news: Pinot grigio REALLY compliments jellybeans.
13)  I just spent money to download a Miley Cyrus song. I’ve hit a new low.
12)  I think I might have some dinner with my wine.
11)  My daughter asked me why I’m nicer to the puppy than I am to her. Wow, I should win Mommy of the Year for that one.
10)  I just added 2 things to my to do list AFTER I did them just so I could check something off.
9)  Just got back from a crazy day that included 3 scheduled commitments that required 3 wardrobe changes.  When I finally got home and looked in the mirror I realized my shirt was on backwards.  It’s time for wine.
8)  I just found a pair of my husband’s underwear under the bed.  If he was home, I’d be cussing him out for not knowing where the hamper is.  But he’s not home, so it makes me smile.
7)  I’m testing for report cards, and I asked a student to tell me some words that rhyme with “hit.”  Sit, fit, pit, tit.  Yes, my 6-year-old student said the word tit.  How do you NOT laugh at that?!
6)  Only 1 septuagenarian smiled flirtatiously with me at the gym this morning.  I must be losing my touch.
5)  Does Pinot Grigio count as carbo loading for my 5k tomorrow morning?
4)  My 3-year-old daughter just told me that sometimes when our puppy Gunner licks her, she licks him back.  Yes, that’s my daughter. 
3)  I love some of the requests I get for my blog…the other day someone emailed to ask if I had any roller coasters to sell.
2)  After teacher appreciation week then mil spouse appreciation day then Mother’s Day, I’m feeling pretty spoiled.  So what’s on the agenda for this week?  Wine lovers’ appreciation day?  Runners’ appreciation day?  All blondes are hot day?
1)  I love it when my husband defends himself on my blog by commenting anonymously and then denies it was him. 
What are some memorable Facebook status updates you’ve written or read?

9 Comments on Top 10 Favorite Roller Coaster Facebook Status Updates (Plus a Bonus 5!)

  1. I swear you were just sharing my statuses! Expect for the daughter-dog-licking one. That's just weird. ha ha!

    I might do this soon…how did you compile these?

  2. Hahaha I love this! I'm also in love with wine so no need to feel embarrassed. I think your statuses are hilarious 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone! 🙂 And Mel, all I did to compile it was scroll down thru my FB page and cut and paste the status updates I wanted into a blog post. I rearranged them how I wanted them once I finished the list. It was so fun reading them all again!

  4. Is it weird that I actually remember all those updates?!?! Well, all but the #1! That is awesome! I wish my husband did that! LOL!

    Great post as always! I love you….;)

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