Year: 2011

Mil Spouse Holiday Blog Swap 2011!

The holiday season is upon us!  People are busy shopping for the perfect gifts for loved ones, finalizing travel plans, decorating their homes, and cuddling up on the couch for that special holiday movie.  And somewhere amidst all the chaos, we bloggers still manage to find the time to write about it. In the spirit of bringing […] Read more…

Dear Santa: Top 10 Things I Want For Christmas

Dear Santa, I know you’re busy getting ready to travel around the world and trying to slim down to fit down all those chimneys, but I’ve been very good this year and was hoping my good girl status would earn me a coveted spot on the Nice List.  I’ve thought long and hard about the […] Read more…

Top 10 List of My Favorite Christmas Movies

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without certain movies.  Some are stories that pull at your heartstrings.  Some are comedies that help you laugh at the holiday chaos. And some are classics you’ve been watching every year since you were a kid.  There are so many Christmas movies out there, but here are my… Top 10 List of […] Read more…

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