Tomorrow is my baby boy’s birthday.  But I can’t exactly call him my baby boy anymore because he’s turning 8 years old.  I know we all say this as moms, but really, where did the time go?!

I remember the 24 hours leading up to Big C’s birth like it was just a few days ago….

…The unexpected doctor’s visit that revealed I was 1 cm dilated even though my due date was 3 and a half weeks away 

…My husband’s phone call from an airport 2,000 miles away as he frantically told me to put the doctor on the phone

…The mini baby shower my parents threw for me after I returned from the hospital and told them everything was fine, that I wasn’t in labor 

…Picking up my husband from the airport and going immediately to the carbo-loading dinner for my father who was running a marathon the next morning

…Telling myself I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions and not real contractions as I stuffed my face with pizza, spaghetti, and cheesecake

…Feeling weird at home and pulling out the “Signs You’re in Labor” checklist from our birthing class.  Check.  Check.  Check.  Uh oh.

…”Honey, I think I’m in labor.”

…”You’re not in labor.”

…”Oh my gosh, I think my water just broke!”

…Calling the hospital (“I’m only 36 weeks!”) and tossing items into a duffel bag in between contractions that were suddenly 7 minutes apart while my husband put on a pot of coffee, let the dog out, and attempted to put the car seat in the car

…Somewhere around 11:00 PM, speeding to the hospital with flashers on while the dad-to-be makes phone calls to the grandparents-to-be

…Checking into a room and exchanging my clothes for a gown.  Contractions 4 minutes apart. 

…”No epidural!”

…Husband retreating to a chair in the corner after I pull his hair and scream at him to get his coffee breath out of my face

…Stuck at 7 cm for HOURS.  Doctors finally convince me to get an epidural.  Within an hour I was pushing.

…Big C was born at 5:45 AM.  Despite the fact that he was nearly a month early, he weighed an even 7 lbs.  He was also about 18 hours away from being a leap year baby. 

I was so grateful that my husband made it home in time so we could share the joy of meeting our son and that my parents happened to be in town thanks to a very timely marathon (and, yes, my dad still ran the marathon, all juiced up on the adrenaline from becoming a grandpa).  The whole experience was absolutely crazy.  In a perfect sort of way.

Tomorrow is that baby boy’s 8th birthday and my 8th anniversary of being a mother.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

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  1. Happy birthday to your baby (for he will always be your baby!). 🙂 Your birth story is very similar to mine, except I almost delivered at home on a very stormy night and the ambulance ride to the hospital was very bumpy because of said storm. lol

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