A few weeks ago I attended the MilBlog Conference in Arlington, Virginia.  It was my third year in attendance, my third year meeting incredible people, reuniting with friends, and learning more about our military blogging community.  
I was excited to learn that the guest speaker at the conference was Scott Waugh, co-founder of Bandito Brothers Films and producer/director of the movie Act of Valor.  (Click HERE to view his interview.)  And I was honored to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with him.
If you haven’t heard of Act of Valor, it’s an action packed movie starring active-duty Navy SEALs.  Here’s a sneak peak…
I know what you’re thinking: this movie is for guys right?  It’s definitely a guy movie, but there’s plenty in it for us ladies as well (besides the Navy SEAL eye candy).  While the movie does focus on the operations of the team guys, it also includes a glimpse into the families and what they go through on the homefront. 
The directors did more than just get to know the SEALs who signed on. They got to know the families as well.  When I talked with Scott Waugh, he became visibly emotional when talking about including the family element in the film.  “I wanted to put in just as much of the family sacrifice on top of the story,” he explained.  “Not only is it about what these guys are doing to protect their families and get back, but also what the wives are sacrificing when their men are downrange.  It’s really that delicate balance.”
And that delicate balance makes for a great movie. 
So now you want to run out and go buy it right?  Well, pretty soon you can. 
Act of Valor will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on June 5th.  And guess what I’ve got for you?  A coupon code!  Head on over to Fox Connect and get $3 off and free shipping with coupon code “VALOR” (code valid until June 17).  Do you need another reason to head on over and buy it?  A portion of the proceeds from the Blue-ray and DVD are going to Operation Homefront.  Awesome.
So order your copy today and then come back and let me know what you thought of the movie! 

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  1. Saw the movie in theaters, and it was really amazing!! Definitely a movie about the military that looks legit and not distorted by Hollywood. I will probably be getting this DVD- thank you for the code!

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