Seven years ago today in Sasebo, Japan, I listened to countdowns from 10 in a foreign language as I watched dolphins swimming on a flat-screen tv in front of me. The result was a beautiful baby girl who makes me laugh and swell with pride while constantly keeping me on my toes.

I’ve never been a girly-girl. I was always the jock academic type who cared more about swim practice and books than clothes and makeup. So when I found out I was having a girl, I braced myself for a life of pink and princesses.

Turns out, no matter how many Barbies and dolls and pretty dresses I buy for this little girl, she’s growing up to follow in my jock academic footsteps. She would rather spend her time finding new adventures, reading a book and requesting I change her name to Cannonball.

So what did I get this mini me for her birthday this year? An afternoon of obstacle courses and zip-lining!

We spent 2 hours sweating and flexing our muscles and laughing and getting dirty and enjoying family time together. And despite the rocky start with massive Labor Day weekend traffic and an unexpected trip to the vet for a dog who somehow managed to slice off a chunk of his paw pad, it was all worth the effort when Little C sat on the platform before her final turn on the zip line and said, “This is the best birthday present ever, Mom.”

Days like that remind me that happy moments are everywhere
Happy Moment: A Birthday Adventure

Happy 7th birthday to my blonde-haired, blue-eyed Japanese tomboy. You rock, Little C.

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  1. You rock as a mom. Enough said. Just look at those smiles. Lucky lucky you !

    That is a Kodak moment, Oh No, I am showing my age. Guess we don't have those any more, everything is digital now days.

    BP in VA

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