Two days ago, there was a shooting at a municipal building in Virginia Beach, killing 12 people, wounding several others and devastating my hometown.

The first thing on my mind when I woke up the next morning was the victims of that shooting and their families.

When I turned on the tv, the local news was discussing how schools are planning to help kids deal with this tragedy.

When I checked Facebook, I saw local friends checking in as safe and read posts of my heartbroken community.

When I checked Twitter, I saw the list of names of the victims.

When I went to yoga, I couldn’t stop thinking about the victims. We’re taught to let go of our thoughts in yoga, but I chose not to let these thoughts go, to think of the victims, to dedicate my practice to their families and to express gratitude that my family is safe.

When I went paddle boarding in the ocean and was alone with the sounds of the water, I thought about my love for Virginia Beach. When I paddled with all my might to catch up with the dolphins that appeared out of nowhere, I noticed that two of those beautiful creatures had scarred dorsal fins. I thought about what they might have endured to get those scars, and thinking of their resilience led me to thoughts of the resilience of the community in Virginia Beach in the wake of this senseless tragedy.

Virginia Beach is my home.

Virginia Beach is the home of my family and friends.

And we are #VirginiaBeachStrong.

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