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Top 10 List of My Kids’ Cutest Quotes

Kids say the funniest things, don’t they?  And I think it’s my duty as a parent to write them all down and periodically share them on my blog. The other day I was cleaning out my Word documents and found the list I started about a year ago of the funny things that come out […] Read more…

Hold Your Children Close

I ran a 10k on Saturday.  The weather was crummy and I was recovering from a cold, but somehow I ended up feeling great and finishing with a personal best time.  The best part was when I was about halfway through the race and spotted Mr. Roller Coaster and my kids on the sidewalk cheering me on.  […] Read more…

Top 10 Reasons I Miss My Kids

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m spending this week on stay-cation. Hubby is on leave, and the kids are with their grandparents.  I love my children dearly, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little break from being a mom 24/7. Of course there are things about my children that I don’t miss: the fighting in […] Read more…

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