The song I’m sharing today on Goodnight Moon’s What’s YOUR Song? Link-Up is near and dear to my heart.  It’s about military spouses.  It’s about the heartache on the homefront.  It’s about the sacrifices we make as we wait for our service members to return from war.   It’s a song I think any military spouse who has gone through a deployment can relate to.

The song is called “Freeland” by Miss Willie Brown.  And I have to brag because I happen to know one of the gals in the band.  Aren’t they incredible?!  So check out this awesome song, which is the newest addition to my Deployment Songs Playlist.

15 Comments on Miss Willie Brown: Freeland

  1. Wow! This is a beautiful song. I really, really like it. The words are so powerful and I'm so glad there are songs out there to help you get through. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just watched that video multiple times in a row. I got all teary eyed šŸ˜‰ It's great – and so is the band! I shared it in our unit/family facebook group.

  3. Wow. That was good. I really like the harmony. Both of the ladies complimented each other very well. It reminded me of when I sang in a similar setting with an old friend years ago. Which band member do you know?

  4. Wow- thank you for sharing. We are down to the final weeks of deployment and THEY.ARE.DRAGGING. I feel like the rest blew by and now moments are taking HOURS to pass by. What a beautiful song.

  5. Never heard of this group before but with songs like this they won't be unknown for long. Listened to it multiple times and "passed it along" to lots of others…moving,inspirational and definitely worth sharing.

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