Life has been so crazy this week that I pretty much just ignored the fact that I was sick and not getting any better.  But today is Saturday, so we have no obligations.  And we woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground, so we’re stuck in the house.  We’re all hacking up a lung, and my glands are more swollen than a pregnant woman’s feet.  So today I am going to allow myself to recuperate.  Movies and medicine.  Naps and nasal sprays.  Cuddles and cough drops.  Hot tea and tissues.  Slippers and Skype with the grandparents.  I’m on the road to recovery.

The road to recovery seems to be as unpaved as the snowy streets outside.  Despite the fact that all I did today was watch tv, read, nap, and watch the snow fall, I feel no better at all.  The kids haven’t shown any improvement either.  They didn’t even argue when mean ole mommy prohibited them from playing outside in the winter wonderland.  Let’s hope a good night’s sleep does the trick!

According to my yard stick, we topped out around 6 inches.  Not bad!  I’m crossing my fingers that we’re all miraculously cured of coughs by tomorrow so we can go outside and play.  I love the feel of walking in unblemished snow.  As long as I can trudge through it before it starts melting and turning black as it collects on the side of the road. 

4 Comments on Operation: Recuperation

  1. Hello! I'm happy you found me & look I even found you! šŸ™‚

    We are located at Yokota AB just outside Tokyo. Where in Japan did you live!?!?

    I just love it here. It looks like you got some snow… WOW! Where are you guys located at?

  2. Hello I'm your newest follower I can't believe how much snow you got WOW I would LOVE to see snow I live in Panama City,FL and it doesn't snow here.Hope you and your family get feeling better.

    ā™„Stephanie H.

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