Yesterday was my 30th day of challenges. So basically I accomplished 30 New Year’s Resolutions in 30 days! Not bad if I do say so myself.

With any attempts at goal-setting, one must periodically step aside and evaluate those goals. I thought today I’d take that step back and think about the last month. What goals did I achieve that I’d like to continue on a long term basis? Which goals did I fail but was proud to make the effort?

New Year’s Resolutions are tough, and usually I don’t bother (maybe that’s why this year my resolutions are working overtime). They say the average date that people tend to abandon their New Year’s Resolutions is February 13. That’s in 3 days. So how are you doing on your resolutions?

So here’s an update on my last 30 days of goals:

1.  Start a blog: I’d call this a continuing success.

2.  Take a picture every day: Still going strong.

3.  Complete a job application: I didn’t finish it that day, but I’ve since submitted it.  Next up…job search.

4.  De-pacify Little C: Baby girl hasn’t asked for a binky since!

5.  Toss unused toys & clothes: Successful, but still trying to get rid of more toys.

6.  Take a Zumba class: Haven’t been to a class since, thanks to illness and weather, but I intend to go again soon.

7.  Watch a movie with my kids without multi-tasking: I wasn’t successful that day, but I’ve done it since and hope to snuggle up with the kids again soon.

8.  Buy a plant and keep it alive: Bought 2…Sparky and Spiky are growing every day.

9.  Don’t say the word actually: I still say it all the time, but at least I don’t use it as frequently as I used to (although I’m still VERY aware when other people overuse it!).

10.  Dress like I’m not a Mommy: Unfortunately I gave up on that the next day.  Doesn’t help that hubby is rarely home these days.  Still wearing jeans and no makeup.  The kids don’t seem to mind.

11.  Calculate my monthly budget: Still watching the budget to see where the money is going.  This is one that my husband needs to do!

12.  Flirt with my husband: Hmmm, that one fell off the radar just like not dressing like a Mommy.  Again, I need hubby home to flirt.

13.  Watch “Das Boot”: Hubby already warned me that my next military movie to watch is “Patton.”

14.  Delegate chores to the kids: This one is still going well.  It’s wonderful relinquishing responsibility!

15.  Attend a writing class: My next class is Monday.  Now I just need to complete my assignment before then. 

16.  Take 3 deep breaths every hour: The C’s and I loved this one!  I haven’t continued the meditating every hour, but I do find myself telling the kids to take deep breaths when they’re throwing a tantrum.  Sometimes it even works.

17.  Make a list of everything I’m thankful for: I actually (doh, actually) look at the list every now and then on my rougher days.

18.  Take down the Christmas lights: This one had a deeper meaning because it was more about throwing in the towel in a stubbornness match with my husband.  Since then I think we’ve both given in a couple of times, which is much nicer than waiting to see just how long that packed suitcase will sit in the car.

19.  Start a Jane Austen book: I have 100 pages left in “Pride and Prejudice” and I’m actually (wow, actually again!) enjoying it.  What next?  Hemingway?  Faulkner?  Think I’ll sneak in a Janet Evanovich novel before I embark on my next classic.

20.  Allow myself to recuperate: That upper respiratory infection was kicking my behind, and I’m so glad I forced myself to rest.  I’m finally feeling human again.

21.  Make homemade Play Doh: That was a disaster.  But I intend to try again with a different recipe.

22.  A day without Facebook: It’s funny, but since that day I rarely get on Facebook anymore.  Guess I replaced my FB addiction with a blog addiction!

23.  Don’t yell at the kids: Sadly, that lasted just the one day.  I need to revisit that one.

24.  Reorganize my closets: They still look great, but hubby needs to go through several boxes of junk before I’m fully satisfied.

25.  Give up Diet Pepsi: I didn’t succeed at this one, but I have succeeded in cutting down my intake.  I’m now averaging 1 a day instead of 2.  That’s better than nothing.

26.  Participate in the Blizzard BlogHop: That was so fun!  I “met” a lot of really great bloggers out there.

27.  Go to the movies by myself: That was fantastic!!  I plan to do that as often as possible.

28.  Plant an herb garden: My herbs haven’t sprouted yet, but I don’t think they’re dead.  That’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

29.  Take the kids roller skating: This was fun, but very challenging without hubby’s help.  But I envision lots of Saturday afternoons at the skating rink in our future.

30.  Conserve energy: This was just yesterday, but I’m still conscious of lights left on and water running.  This is definitely a long term goal.

So that’s my last month in a nutshell.  Can’t wait to see where the next 30 days will take me!

6 Comments on Operation: Evaluation

  1. You are on a roll! For my part, while I didn't envision it as a New Year's Resolution per se, I'm proud of myself for having completed the first two weeks of the One Hundred Push Ups program. I have never been what one might call a fitness enthusiast, but having some online "push up buddies" to chat with via Twitter has really helped me conquer my inertia. Blogging (micro or otherwise) about one's goals offers a lot of incentive to stay accountable for them, I think.

  2. Congratulations on your 100 Push Ups program! Sounds interesting. And I totally agree with you that blogging about goals helps you stay with them. Good luck with the push ups!

  3. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the bloggy world. I was reading through your older posts, and saw the comment about a wine bar and neck massages at the library. Oh my, what a wonderful idea! And do you think we could add a little sandwich bar, too? I do love me some carbs! Mmmmmmm!

  4. Yikes! I'm a bit frightened by that list – it looks like you have been very, very busy! I guess doing one per day makes it seem manageable.

    You must be very proud of yourself (and if you aren't you should be!)

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