When was the last time you wrote a letter? I don’t mean typing an email and hitting the send button. I mean picking up a pen, handwriting words on a piece of paper, folding it in an envelope, and waiting for the mailman to remove it from your mailbox. Other than writing thank you notes, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a real letter.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to myself. Today I’m going to write a letter, a real old-fashioned letter, to someone else.  How very early 1990’s of me.

I don’t talk to my grandparents as often as I should.  And years pass between visits.  But I know they love hearing from me.  So I hope they enjoy the letter they will receive in a couple of days. 
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  1. I love real pen-and-paper letters! I exchange letters regularly with my best friend from high school, a good friend from college, and my grandparents. There is something heartwarming about holding in one's hands a piece of paper that was held by a friend or family member — tangible regard, perhaps.

  2. I send letters and hand make cards all the time… I love getting mail (besides BILLS!!) and I know the people I send letters to, love it also 🙂 makes the heart feel good 🙂

  3. I love sending letters to my grandparents and to my husband now that he is deployed! Email has made things too easy for people and letters are so much nicer to get : )

  4. I'm just now seeing your blog, and I do love it. I love writing letters, and it's so funny to me that people spend so much time online these days, yet all the time spent can't compare to the sincerity that's in a letter. I need to discipline myself more and do this. I'm thinking at least one letter a week to start, but realistically there's no reason why I couldn't write a letter every day while my son naps (while he still takes naps, at least). I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your stuff!


  5. What gorgeous stationary! I LOVE writing! I know it is so 1950's but I really love that time. Imagine waiting for your love to write you back and running to the mail everyday! I try to get my son to write and draw each week, I think my gparents enjoy the fan mail they get every couple weeks!

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