Last year the weather abruptly changed from winter to spring literally overnight. One day it was cold and overcast, the next it was sunny and in the 60’s. Spring is my favorite season, and I looked forward to the weather-inspired wardrobe change. Then I opened Little C’s closet and…uh oh. The girl had exactly ZERO spring clothes. How did my planning gene fail to remind me that my children needed new clothes for the new season?!

I clearly remember my mother’s twice yearly tradition of making her reluctant children try on clothes in order to determine what she needed to buy for us. I’ve mentioned before that I have a terrible memory, but I will never forget the agony of Trying on Clothes Day, the torture I endured all for the sake of being properly dressed. I’ve also mentioned before that I was (am) a tomboy. So, while most girls might have swooned at the prospect of revamping their wardrobe, promises of new clothes held little incentive for me to get through the evolution without incessantly whining.

Today life came full circle. I have officially turned into my mother. Yes, I subjected my children to the same torment of trying on clothes as my mother did all those years ago. But now I get it.  I understand why my mother had no choice but to torture us. Big C is finally at an age where he still fits some of the clothes he wore last year, and a friend gave us a Hefty bag full of hand-me-down clothes for Little C. Clearly I need to know what fits and what doesn’t before I embark on a shopping spree.

How did the kids handle the stress? Better than anticipated. Little C, my girly-girl (don’t know where she came from), could have kept going all day, as long as every now and then I stuck a princess shirt into the rotation. And Big C, well Big C inherited a lot of my DNA, so let’s just say I worked as quickly as possible.

Last night my hot date was groceries.  Tonight, a ginormous bowl of popcorn.  This was my incentive to get through Trying on Clothes Day: knowing that once the kids went to bed, I had a bowl of popcorn and a loaded DVR waiting for me. 

6 Comments on Operation: Wardrobe Examination

  1. My boys hate to try on clothes. We just did a little of that yesterday. I have high hopes for spring to get here soon.

    I'm returning your FF. Nice to 'meet' you!

  2. yep we now have 2 in the same size clothes, 3 in the same size shoes and 2 more are so close that its just gonna be too hard to tell sometimes who's is who's!

    5 kids make this day so hard!

    Following from MBC

  3. I love your blog! Following from MBC. Today I was planning on going through my girls closet. I didn't even think to have my 3 year old try the clothes on. I was just going to "eye it" haha. Yes, trying on the clothes may not be fun but it will definitely be helpful. Funny how we often do things that make us wonder when exactly we turned into our mothers 🙂

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