My challenge for this week was to perform a science experiment with the kids every day after school. Who knew I was such the scientist? Granted, my scientific experimentation was limited to the skill level of a kindergartener, but hey, I’m not as science-challenged as I thought.

On Monday, we performed not just 1, but 3 science experiments. Never mind that only one and half were successful. It’s the journey, not the destination right? Three more on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and the grand finale on Friday.

I was thrilled that both kids thought our science week was “awesome.” Even if they don’t remember that vinegar and baking soda combine to create carbon dioxide, I’m more than happy knowing they had fun. And Big C must have retained something because by the end of the week he was forming hypotheses that were actually correct.

I don’t think I’ll be breaking out the beakers and Bunson burners anytime soon, but if I can continue finding entertaining, age-appropriate science-related activities, I’m definitely going to keep this up. Another advantage?  Because both kids responded so well, I now have another trick to add to my bag of bribes.

Monday: Melt & Freeze

I never imagined my children would get so excited over an ice cube sticking to a salted piece of string.

Tuesday: Blowing Up a Balloon
We repeated this one several times because the C’s couldn’t get enough of the “fizzy bubbles” (that would be the vinegar and baking soda mixture) blowing up the balloon.
Wednesday: Balloon Expansion
Did you know that if you put a balloon on top of a bottle and dunk that bottle in ice water, it does nothing.  But if you submerge that bottle in hot water, the balloon blows up?  I didn’t either.
Thursday: Oobleck
Big C had no problem whatsoever getting ooey gooey with the Oobleck (corn starch mixed with water and food coloring), but Little C was more skeptical.  She liked playing with it, but ever the girly-girl, she didn’t like getting dirty.  I intended to incorporate some literature into this activity, since Oobleck is a Dr. Suess creation, but the library didn’t have any copies of the book available.
Friday: Lava

The piece de resistance. No science week would be complete without lava. That volcano erupted so many times I almost ran out of vinegar. And it took a couple of eruptions before I realized how much cooler this experiment is with red food coloring.

3 Comments on Week in Review (Operation: Experimentation)

  1. These look like such fun. I've done all these with my kids when I taught elementary school, but never with my own. They are going to love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My first reaction…how cool! My second reaction….I should totally do that! My third reaction….doing that would be totally out of my English teacher/ writing box. My fourth reaction…..more reason to do it. My kids have a long spring break and these activities would be great distraction. I am thus challenged! Thanks!

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