We all love blogging.  We all love reading other blogs.  But we all lead busy lives.  And until we find a way to make blogging a full-time salaried occupation, most of us don’t have enough hours in the day to read all the blogs we’d like to as frequently as we’d like to. 

I know I’m not the only mil spouse blogger struggling to keep up with my Google reader.  And I wanted to find a way to help us all stay up to date with our friends’ posts, a way to make our blogging lives a bit simpler.

    So after some contemplation and the consultation of other bloggy friends, I came up with an idea: The Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup.

<br /> <center><a href=”http://militaryspouserollercoasterride.blogspot.com/”><br /> <img src=”http://j.imagehost.org/0393/abutton.jpg&#8221; /><br /> </a></center><br /> <br /><br />   What is the Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup?  It’s a Friday meme for mil spouses.  But it’s not your typical meme.  You aren’t required to write anything today.  And it won’t interfere with any other memes you already participate in on Fridays.  All you have to do is look back at the posts you wrote this week and pick your favorite.  Come back here and link up that post.  That’s it!   Well, maybe that’s not it.  Hopefully you’ll read the other posts on the list.  The goal of Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup is to relieve some of the pressure we all put on ourselves to be the faithful readers we implicitly promised to be when we chose to follow other bloggers.  Between our time constraints and the vast number of fabulous mil spouse bloggers out there, we just can’t read every post of every blogger.  Hopefully the weekly roundup will simplify our blogging lives a little.  One post per blogger per week.  Of course you’ll still regularly read your favorites, but this will allow us to reconnect with people we haven’t visited in awhile.    The greatest part of the Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup is that it’s a group effort.  I may be starting it, but this will likely be my 1st and last time hosting it.  Each week, a different mil spouse blogger will host the meme.  This will give different bloggers a chance to showcase their blog and maybe introduce you to someone you’ve never “met” before.    Are you up for it?  Pick your favorite post of the week and link it up below!  And if you feel like spreading the word, please grab the button above.  (A HUGE thanks to Mrs. Muffins for designing the button for us!!!)  The MckLinky will be open until midnight tonight, but I will post a master list so you can continue hopping throughout the next week.  Make sure you visit Amber over at Goodnight Moon next week.  She’ll be hosting Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup #2.  

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  1. I absolutely love this idea! I saved the link so I can come back this afternoon (during the lull of the day when I always wish I had something to read) to check out everyone's favorite posts! I'd also like to sign up to host…let me know how I can go about doing that!

  2. I was so curious as to how the "Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup" began (I just started participating) and after enough digging, I traced it back to you and this post! Love it! Thanks for starting such an awesome way to keep up with everyone… my Reader gets filled up so quickly, and it's nice to have this reference each week to go and read everyone's favorite posts. Off I go to continue commenting on this week's blogs! 🙂

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