Dear Aging Process,

I don’t know exactly when you 1st became visible in my life, but I’m beginning to see you more and more frequently.  I see you in the mirror as I apply makeup to cover you up.  I see you in the tiny laugh lines around my husband’s eyes when he smiles.  I see you when cashiers at Wal-Mart call me ma’am and then fail to card me for a bottle of wine.  I see you as friends gear up to celebrate their 40th birthdays.  And most recently, I see you when the baby-sitter comes over, and despite the fact that I feel as if it wasn’t so long ago that I was as young and carefree as she is, I just realized she’s closer in age to my son than she is to me.

I never thought I’d be the type of person who would be bothered by you.  I thought I’d gracefully accept the wrinkles and the grey hairs and chalk them up to a life well lived.  Although I have yet to see a grey hair on my head or noticeable wrinkles, and I have over a half a decade before I’ll be joining my friends in their 40’s, I have suddenly begun feeling OLD.  And I have a feeling I’m not going to be so gracefully accepting of you as you continue to make yourself more visible.
So Aging Process, could you please slow down a little bit?  I may be young at heart, but that doesn’t make the age defying moisturizers any cheaper.

Wife on the RC

10 Comments on Dear Aging Process

  1. Oh how we love this creative letter to the aging process… We look forward to joining your Top Ten Tuesday if you are still doing that! Maybe it can be about the top joys of aging to help you find a little light in it!

  2. Love this! I am now at a point where I can totally relate. It seemd to have happened overnight!

    I look somewhat younger than my real age. The other night, I told the babysitter just how old I was and she about choked. Then she said "Wow, I just thought you were a young mom!" I felt my age at that point!


  3. Oh my word. I just posted about the fact that Asians don't age (until menopause)!

    If it's any help, I offer a 15% military discount for Mary Kay. šŸ™‚

  4. I blame the whole aging thing on my kiddos. I was young before they came along making me feel old. My oldest is a high school freshman. The nerve of that kiddo, making me feel older than I need to be.

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