From the posts I read yesterday, it seems that a lot of us are a bit cynical about Valentine’s Day.  And yes, I am of those cynics.  But maybe that’s a result of years of celebrating the holiday as grown-ups.  Yesterday, so many of us reflected back upon the fun Valentine’s Days we had as kids.  Because of your reflections and my own happy memories from childhood, I thought I’d dedicate today’s top 10 list to Valentine’s Day, not from an adult’s perspective, but from the eyes of children. I used my class of kindergarteners as guinea pigs by asking them what Valentine’s Day means to them.  When most of them gave me blank stares of confusion, I reworded and asked what they think about when they think of Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully their responses can help all you cynics out there to see the holiday in a different light. Here are my… Top 10 List of What 6-Year-Olds Think About When They Think of Valentine’s Day  

10)  Liking each other

9)  My mommy and daddy

8)  Red hearts

7)  Spending time with each other

6)  It’s about being happy and friends.

5)  Lots and lots of people give me candy!

4)  Giving and being thankful for each other

3)  Candy and love

2)  You share and play with people, and even if you don’t know them, they’re still your friend.

1)  I don’t know.  (This is #1 not because it’s the most profound, but because it was the most common answer.  It appears that, regardless of how many ways I tried to reword the question, 6-year-olds generally have no idea why they are giving cards and candy to their friends.)

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?  Was it meaningful for you yesterday or are you a cynic?

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  1. Although I have a great husband, I have never really been into Valentine's Day. Maybe it's old scarring from never getting the most cards as a kid..I don't know. But it's my dad's birthday, so that's always taken top priority, and my anniversary is next week, so we always celebrate that instead by going on some wild trip.

  2. Hubby didn't buy me a thing & I got to quietly enjoy my Top Gear premieres, so it was a perfect V-Day in my eyes. Since we home school, I'm not even sure that my younger two know this holiday exists.

  3. I honestly never thought to see if my daughter understood what was going on for Valentines day. I think it is time to sit down with her and explain where Valentines day came from and what it means to us. Now if I could just figure it out for myself before I speak to her about it LOL

  4. My daughter is 2 1/2 and I explained to her that valentine's day is a day where you tell and show the people you love how much you love them and that they are special to you. Then she started wishing me and her father and her grandparents happy vantems day. She seemed excited, but didn't really get it šŸ˜‰

  5. Too funny! I love all their honest answers. Like I said in my post yesterday, I think growing up to was all about what you would get from your "boyfriend"…but now that I'm married to a wonderful man, I don't need just one day for us to confuss our love for one another, we do it every day of the year.

  6. Too cute!! I was able to help my daughter's first grade class write letters for Valentine's Day. They ALL turned out so great!!

    These are the moments I live for when I finally am able to walk into a classroom of my very own! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I love the way little children think. That is why I already feel so nostalgic about my kids growing up. I love the ages they are at and how cute it is when they talk about pretty much anything. And they love so freely at this age. I wish I could be more like them sometimes.

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