Dear Antibiotics,
Are you sure you knocked out my sinus infection?  I still have a headache, and I took your last dose a couple of days ago.  Please tell me you did your job because I really don’t want to go back to the doctor.

Not a Fan of Doctors

Dear Big C’s Baseball Coach,
I apologize in advance for not being prepared for the first practice of the season.  I didn’t have a chance to buy Big C new baseball cleats so he will be sporting his soccer cleats until I can find the time and energy to get to Sports Authority.  Oh, and his baseball pants don’t fit him either.  But hey, at least I located his equipment bag, and what do you know, it actually has equipment in it!  Maybe next time, you can give me more than a one day notice that the season is starting?

See you in a few hours,
A Wannabe Soccer, I Mean Baseball, Mom

Dear Little C’s Hairdresser,
I know you cut my daughter’s hair 2 weeks ago, but I’m just now noticing that one side of her hair is about an inch shorter than the other.  Is it too late for you to fix it for free?  Oh my goodness, she’s lopsided!

A Not So Happy Customer with a Delayed Reaction

Dear Lice,
Please don’t jump onto my head.  After 3 students stayed home in the past couple of weeks with a case of critters, I can’t stop itching.  And every time I see that adorable little boy walk into my classroom with his new lice-inspired high and tight, I can’t help but wonder how in the world I would rid my daughter’s long, beautiful blonde (and yes, lopsided) hair of you.  So stay away!

Yours truly,
An Itchy, Pony-Tailed Teacher

Who would you write an unsent letter to today?

6 Comments on To Whom It May Concern

  1. I love this post! I unfortunately have sent too many of my better left unsent letters. Email is not always a good thing. It's too easy for me to send something before I've really thought it through. May you have a wonderful lice-free week! Janae

  2. I hope your sinus infection is gone. For the lice, use hairspray or gel in your hair. I learned in high school when one classmate got them from an elementary sibling that we girls were less susceptible because we use hair products and they don't like that. At least that's what the nurse told us. I won't stop sending my elementary schooler to school with hairsprayed hair until I get proven wrong.

  3. If you took a Z-pack I felt the same way when I did. I was told they work two weeks longer than what you actually take the pills for… it did go away several days after I finished the pack.

  4. ugh! sinus infections are the WORST. I hope yours doesn't require a second round of antibiotics (my mom ALWAYS needs a second round – ick!) and that you're feeling better soon!

    I'm so glad Goose is only two and not yet into (somewhat) organized sports… I do NOT look forward to all the money that goes into fees and equipment (or costumes should she decide she wants to do ballet, or gymnastics or figure skating or something of that nature)… one day's notice?? ridiculous.

    I would be calling the owner or manager of the hair salon and saying "um yeah, it wasn't so noticeable last week, but now it's obvious – this hair is NOT EVEN. please fix it at no charge or we'll be finding a new salon" or ya know… something like that… okay, I suck. I would probably just call and say it needed to be fixed and pray they didn't charge me… I'm such a wuss.

    and ewwww!! my head is itching now just thinking about lice!! I had it in kindergarten I think… I remember my mom using the nasty smelling shampoo on my sister & I… and the teeny-tiny-toothed comb used to get out all the nits and dead lice… ick. I know at some point Goose will bring it home from daycare or school, I'm just praying it's not for a very, very long time… *scratch, scratch, scratch*

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