As military spouses we’ve grown accustomed to living a certain lifestyle, a lifestyle developed and honed through years of adaptations and mandatory training in independence, flexibility, and self-sufficiency.   Our perspective of normal is skewed because we don’t know any other normal.  Because of this unique way of life that we somehow consider normal, we tend to exhibit tell-tale signs of our status as military spouses.

My top 10 list this week is not particularly original. In fact, I’ve seen variations of this list on Facebook and other blogs that are much more expansive than mine. (Case in point, you absolutely have to check out Wife of a Sailor’s massive list of 110 “You Might Be a Mil Spouse If…” that she compiled to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day.) Anyway, the following is a top 10 list I’ve always wanted to do, a list I’d love to hear your feedback on. So please add to it!

Here are my…

Top 10 You Know You’re a Mil Spouse When…
10)  You can have a conversation in acronyms.

 9)  You’ve lived in so many different houses that sometimes it takes a minute for you to remember what your current address is

8)  You’re always in possession of an updated power of attorney.

7)  You tear up at the sound of anything patriotic, including but not limited to the National Anthem and Proud to be an American

6)  You spend more time apart from your spouse than together.

5)  Your children were born in different states (or continents).

4)  You can recite your spouse’s SSN in your sleep, but you pause when asked for your own.

3)  You rarely celebrate holidays and special occasions on the actual dates those holidays and special occasions fall on.

2)  You only use pencil on a calendar because plans are always changing.

1)  You expect the unexpected.  And somehow that’s ok with you.

What tops your list?

11 Comments on Top 10 You Know You’re a Mil Spouse When…

  1. Although I'm no longer a military wife. I can certainly attest to knowing my now ex's SS# better than my own. After being hospitalized & in a coma for over a week & undergoing 2 brain surgeries & having all of my right frontal lobe removed, when asked by a police officer my SS# I spat out my husbands, as we were not yet divorced at the time. All of those seem like they would be true for a mil spouse who lasts past 3 years or so…

    Great blog though! Keep it up!!
    ~Erin in Ohio

  2. So true! All of them, but especially #2. I get so mad at myself when I write in ink, because it's what's handy, and then it changes… of course it changes! lol

  3. I was with a milspouse and my husband asked her about the details about a party she was having. She responded by saying 'I don't need a detail at my house!!' LOL. All I could think was "you know you're a milspouse when…"

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