When I was a kid, summer was my favorite season.  Of course, it was mostly because school was out, but it was more than that.  Summer was synonymous with carefree fun.  I spent my days at the community pool and my nights giggling at sleepovers.  I didn’t have a worry in the world.

Of course as I got older, summers lost their carefree factor.  They simply became hotter versions of normal life.  But not this summer!  As a teacher, I have 2 and a half months of summer vacation to look forward to.  Summer is not going to be just a hotter version of normal life.  And although it may not be as carefree as my childhood summers were, I’m hoping to take advantage of every day of my summer until Labor Day rolls around and a new school year kicks off.

As I count down the days until the school year ends, I’m daydreaming about all the things I want to do.  Here are my…
Top 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait Until Summer

10)  Lazy nights outside with bottles of wine, fireflies, and good conversation

9)  I’ll be able to spend more time with my friends, friends I feel like I’ve neglected since going back to work.

8)  I’ll be able to spend time with own my kids instead of other people’s kids.

7)  I can go to the gym every day and attend all the spinning classes I used to go to.

6)  I won’t have to fight with Little C every morning over the clothes she refuses to wear.

5)  I won’t have to fight with Big C every afternoon over the homework he refuses to complete.

4)  I’ll be writing more posts for various websites (and hopefully a book!) instead of lesson plans.

3)  I can once again spend my days at the community pool. 

2)  I’ll have FREE TIME.  Wow, I almost forgot what that means.  I’ll have time to read books, shop in real stores instead of virtual ones, and dare I say, relax a little.

1)  No alarms sounding at 5:45 AM!

Are you looking forward to summer?  Why or why not?

5 Comments on Top 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait Until Summer

  1. Ooh, your #10 sounds absolutely divine. That's on my list, too. I am indeed looking forward to summer for a variety of reasons, but I'm especially eager for the part where my husband comes home. 🙂

  2. Totally looking forward to summer–it's my favorite time of year! While it is busy for us, I love not having the school routine to have to deal with and just exploring and doing whatever we feel like. Laid back. By the pool, relaxing, vacation, I love it!

  3. Great post. Makes me remember summer as a kid too. Yes I'm looking forward to summer, mostly just for the consistent sunny and warm weather. We are still waiting for our summer to arrive and it's frustrating! As we speak it's raining and in the low 60s. Warm evenings are one of my favorite things about summer, especially after the kids go to bed and my husband and I can enjoy a margarita in the yard. 🙂

  4. I'm looking forward to free time, lunch dates with friends, laying by the pool and sleeping late. While I love teaching, summer is one of the greatest parts!

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